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    Designed for women, our first-of-its-kind Masterclass & More puts you on the path to financial wellness…now and in retirement.

     You’ll learn how to optimize, distribute and protect your savings & investments.

    You can Know More & Have More with these amazing benefits...all for only $59.

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    Eight 90-Minute Educational Classes

    No where else can you find this breadth & depth of research-backed financial basics and strategies taught by Her Retirement founder, Lynn Toomey and expert guest instructors.

    Workbooks, Guides, Videos & More

    We've created and gathered workbooks, guides, white papers, articles, videos and more to complement each class. This "homework" gives you another way to digest all the learnings.

    100-Page Book of Retirement Qs & As

    Our Big Book of Retirement Qs & As (in PDF format ), reinforces all the concepts taught in the masterclass. A wealth of extremely valuable information.

    Trial Access to Readiness Software

    Our proprietary retirement readiness software will give you a complete view into your finances and provides personalized, actionable insight into your gaps, risks and opportunities.

    Am I Ready? Financial Assessment

    Every student has access to our Am I Ready for Retirement? Assessment & Chat with a retirement specialist. A no-brainer way to find out what you need to do to get truly ready.

    P.S. We'll also mail you a special thank you gift for committing to becoming SmartHER, StrongHER, WealthiHER.

    Here's what you'll learn in this one-of-a-kind Masterclass...

    Gaps, Risks & Retirement Planning

    Know what you have, what you'll need and what you're missing for retirement. You'll also learn about the challenges we women face and how to create a retirement plan you not only understand, but have 100% confidence in.

    Opportunities & Outside the Box Strategies

    Discover customized opportunities to improve your retirement outcome. Learn the 8 most important, "little-known," retirement strategies to make your savings & investments efficient, sustainable and protected for life.

    Retirement Income, Taxes & Investments

    Learn how to create a retirement income from your savings & investments, including how to structure your portfolio for growth and protection, as well as how to do tax smart distributions from your 401Ks/IRAs.

    Taking Action & Getting Her Done!

    A plan is only as good as the commitment and action you're willing to take. But the question is, who to trust and what is the best way to create & implement your plan? We'll cover this and next steps so that you can "Get Her Done."

    What Makes Attending this Masterclass a Smart Choice?


    Smart Insights (vs. a sales pitch)

    We strive to dispel retirement myths and misinformation rampant in the financial industry. We’re “retirement truth seekers” sharing information and strategies based on proven, data-backed theories and academic research. We believe knowledge is power and we’re 100% committed to educating you vs. selling you investment or insurance products.


    Balanced Guidance from Smart Professionals

    Our instructors are retirement subject matter experts who have been teaching and advising on all matters of finances in retirement for many years. They're also passionate about improving financial literacy, offering a balanced and objective view of how to use investments, insurance, Social Security, home equity, taxes, healthcare and estate planning to grow and protect your assets for life.


    Smart Software to Get You Ready

    Our Masterclass is the only one in the industry to integrate a Personalized Retirement Readiness software platform that offers a complete view into your financial situation. It also customizes content and guidance to your situation. Fully integrated into the curriculum you can use the software on a trial basis during the class.

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    Take Action vs. Just Thinking About It

    While getting educated about retirement is important, we want you to see the potential impact of taking action on the strategies you learn about in class. We offer a complimentary (no strings attached) Am I Ready for Retirement? assessment and chat after the Masterclass is completed. The assessment is based on your unique financial situation.

    Important Details to Note About this Masterclass

    • Who is this for? Women (with or without husbands/partners) less than 10 years from retirement who are open-minded, action-takers ready to commit to improving their outcome. Some of the strategies discussed will benefit those with higher savings & investment amounts. 
    • Educational only: Taught by experienced retirement educators. No investment/insurance advice or products are offered or sold.
    • Watch class one before you decide to make an investment in your retirement outcome. After registering you’ll have immediate access to class one and you’ll also receive a confirmation email from lynnt@herretirement.com. Please check your spam folder for the email. Any questions, email: lynnt@herretirement.com.

    About Your Instuctor, Her Retirement Founder Lynn Toomey

    Raised by a single mom, Lynn Toomey learned some early life lessons about life, love, family and finances. The best piece of advice her mother shared, “Get an education and make sure you can take care of yourself.” Lynn followed her mother’s advice and then some. As an “almost” baby boomer herself, Lynn spent her early career launching and marketing high-tech start-ups. After “retiring” from that world, Lynn became passionate about finances, women and retirement, and Her Retirement was born.

    Watching her mom handle life, career and four kids almost single-handedly is the inspiration behind Her Retirement. “I don’t want women to have to go solo or simply follow their partner’s lead when it comes to finances. Instead, I want women to have financial understanding, independence and confidence.” Lynn believes the Her Retirement financial wellness platform, with it’s educational focus, coaching, technology tools, connections and community will make preparing for retirement easier and living in retirement dreamier for women everywhere. Lynn truly believes that knowing more means having more. And every woman deserves this “more” than ever.