Hey DreamHERS...

A HappiHER, HealthiHER, WealthiHER Retirement...

Isn't just a dream. It's a decision.

 When you decide to commit to yourself, invest in yourself and live a better retirement (regardless of what life throws at you), Her Retirement is here to help you Get Her Done. NO doubts. NO fear. No excuses. NO stress. NO BS

Thank goodness we women aren’t afraid to ask for directions. 🙂


“Hi there, I’m Lynn Toomey, founder of Her Retirement. Please listen to my short video where I share what I believe we women are most concerned with and what we need as we prepare to live our best retirement. I’ll also tell you why my “first of its kind” retirement readiness platform is a breath of fresh air in an industry (built by men for men) that’s outdated and out of touch with the unique desires of women (hint: it’s more than money).

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A Better Retirement for Her Isn't Just About the Money

Women Need More. Want More. Deserve More.


We believe Life IS good, but retirement IS better! And, it can be happier too with a concerted effort to embrace this new phase of life. We know it can be a challenging  transition (and an often overlooked area of support). That's why our planning process isn't just about numbers crunching. It's also about soul searching and determining your purpose, your passions, your goals...your why. Sometimes having money and time isn't enough. We need more. This is why we focus on the non-financial aspects of retirement so that you are not just wealtiHER and healthiHER, but happiHER too. Let's Get Her Done.


96% of retirees say health is more important than wealth. We agree....what good is money without health to enjoy it? We know lifespan is increasing, especially for women, but is our healthspan increasing too? And are we prepared for the costs we may incur to protect our health and vitality during a potentially long life? Healthcare may be our biggest expense in retirement so it definitely pays to prioritize being HealthiHER...now and in retirement.  At Her Retirement, we help you preserve your vitality and help you plan for the costs to protect it too. Health is wealth. Let's Get Her Done.


Planning a wealthiHER or more financially secure retirement is something we all dream of, and the foundation of a better retirement. Even for the most savvy among us, it's no small feat to figure out how and how much money to save and invest; how to create an income for life that supports the lifestyle we desire; how to protect it all from longevity, volatility, inflation, taxes; and how to leave a legacy for our loved ones too.  Being wealthiHER is all about knowing more about yourself and your money. It's about creating a plan to get more, keep more and have more (however you define more). We're ready to help you get smartHER,  wealthiHER and more secure. Let's Get Her Done.

When you’re ready to not just dream but do, we’ve got you. As a retirement education and planning company, we’re on a mission to help women Know More and Have More…whether that’s more happiness, health and/or wealth. It’s all about helping you make informed decisions that lead to living life on your terms, improving the lives of those you love, finding financial freedom and security, giving generously and leaving a legacy. Are you ready to Get Her Done?

We've Gathered All the Resources To Help You

to be WealthiHER, HealthiHER & HappiHER.

When You Need a Process. We've Got You.

Our process is part soul searching and part numbers crunching. It helps you create and implement a retirement plan you not only understand, but have 100% confidence in.

When You Need a RetireMentor. We've Got You.

We’ll take you by the hand (literally if necessary), and patiently and compassionately guide you, support you, hold you accountable and keep you on track to live your best retirement. 

When You Need Education. We've Got You.

Educating you is the foundation of our entire platform. All of our content, strategies, and online classes are research-backed and data driven. An investment in knowledge pays the best dividends.

When You Need Tech Tools. We've Got You.

The whole shebang is powered by our proprietary readiness software. It assesses and addresses your gaps in financial knowledge, preparedness and advice.

When You Need Experts. We've Got You.

In addition to our core team of wealth, health and happiness experts, we're building a network of vetted experts for all your financial, legal and lifestyle needs. Who doesn't love one-stop shopping?

Our platform gives you access to the world’s most comprehensive retirement well-being resources on the planet.  Honestly, nobody prepares you better for a better retirement (Yeah, we’re a little biased and outspoken). But seriously, we’ve spent the last decade talking to women, learning about retirement, researching and analyzing the financial services industry. What we found were some gaping holes, so we decided to fill them.

As you can tell, we’re 100% committed to helping women everywhere live a better, more intentional and financially secure retirement. Our only question is, will it be yours?

Here’s to knowing more, having more and getting her done.

All of the resources in our platform are offered either a la carte and in an all inclusive format with “affordable” fee structures, regardless of affluence. And, you’ll also find a TON of valuable, free resources because money shouldn’t be a barrier to knowing more and having more.

Learn from Lynn & Get to Know Her

I'm on a mission to help one million women know more & have more.

My podcast, Masterclass, YouTube channel and book are a great place to start. Here’s to knowing more, having more and Getting Her Done.

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When you commit to yourself and our platform, you’ll know better, feel better, rest better, live better, and retire better. Heck, you’ll even look better too!  So grab a cape ladies, we’re gonna show you how to get her done, and be the “her” in hero. Your wildest dreams included.