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Hey DreamHers…“The Future Belongs to Those Who Believe in the Beauty of Their Dreams.” (Eleanor Roosevelt)

Are You Ready to Get “Her” Done. We Are.


Hey there. I'm Lynn.

I Understand You & Your Retirement Dreams, What Keeps You Up at Night and How to Get Her Done.


That’s because I’m a GenX woman on my own journey to and through retirement with similar hopes, fears, failures and successes. 

For the last decade I’ve had the privilege of educating and guiding countless women on how to plan and live a better, more intentional and financially secure life and retirement (wildest dreams included). Yes ladies it’s possible, and you don’t have to figure it all out alone. I got you. 

You ready to Know More & Have More? Let’s Get Her Done.

You Can Know More & Have More

Research Proves There’s a Huge Link Between Financial Literacy, Planning, Stability, Confidence, Health and Happiness.

But we women have some gaps to fill, not just in our financial education and confidence, but also between intent & action. 

HappiHER >

Women who get educated, plan and take action are HappiHer than those who don't. Big life transitions like retirement can be challenging, but that's why you need a "life" plan that's as much about soul searching as it is about numbers crunching. Nearly 9 in 10 women believe money is simply tool to leading more purposeful, intentional lives and making a difference for our families, community and the world. But not surprisingly, the happiest retirees are also those who have guaranteed income sources that can provide financial security for life. Let's Get Her Done.

HealthiHER >

Women who get educated, plan and take action are HealthiHer than those who don't. Worry over finances and retirement can be detrimental to our physical and mental health. And poor health affects your wallet too. Healthcare may be your biggest expense in retirement...a woman can expect to spend $160,000 in out-of-pocket expenses in retirement. It pays to prioritize your health. Lifespan is increasing, especially for us women, but is your healthspan increasing too? 96% of retirees say health is more important than wealth. What good is money without health to enjoy it?  Let's Get Her Done.

WealthiHER >

Women who get educated, plan and take action are WealthiHer than those who don't. The right financial plan outlines how and how much money to spend, save and invest; how to create an income for life that supports the lifestyle we desire; how to protect it all from longevity, volatility, inflation, taxes; and how to leave a legacy for our loved ones too.  Being WealthiHER can't buy health or happiness, but it can buy choices and freedom. It starts with knowing more about yourself and your money, creating a plan of action to get more, keep more and have more (however you define more). Let's Get Her Done.

Let's Get Her Done

Our Platform Helps You Be a Student & Steward of Your Retirement

With our refreshingly novel, deeply collaborative, non-intimidating, judgement-free, resource rich and personalized AI-powered platform, you’ll be empowered to become a student and steward of your retirement.  This is your right and your responsibility. We got you. Let’s Get Her Done.

Personalized Retirement Portal

The Foundation of Our Platform is Our High-Tech,  AI Powered Portal

Get retirement ready and take massive action on your retirement. Powerful AI inventories, organizes and analyzes your entire financial life. It identifies and educates you about gaps, risks and opportunities.  You won’t have to guess at what you’ve got and if it’s enough. You’ll simply know.

Collaborative RetireMentor Coaches

High-Touch Coaching for Accountability & Action

A combination of compassionate coaches, behavioral psychology and data-driven nudges help you get going, take action, stay accountable and in control of the retirement goals you've chosen. You won't have to worry about who's going to help you. You’ll simply know.

Financial & Retirement Education

Get Retirement Smart With Objective Content (Without the Sell)

Research-backed financial and retirement education that is free of financial products. You'll reduce misinformation and poor decisions with impartial education that you can trust. You'll no longer have so many questions, you'll simply know.

Know More. Have More Life Planning

A Personalized Prosperity Plan (Retire with Money & Meaning)

Understand the components of a life plan for retirement...the money and what it's all for. You'll know how to spend, save, invest and create income for life, while protecting you from the major risks of retirement. You’ll no longer question when you can retire. You’ll simply know. 

Network of Retirement Experts

Vetted Planners & Providers You Can Trust

Planning for retirement (financially, mentally, physically) is A LOT. That’s why we can connect you to planners, providers & advisors based on your unique needs so you don’t have to do this whole thing alone. You’ll never wonder who’s got your back. You’ll simply know.

Her Retirement. Her Way.

Unselfish Women Put Themselves First & We Put You First Too!

We women aren’t great at putting “her” needs first. Your new priority is to put yourself at the top of your to-do list, decide what YOU want (in life and retirement), get a plan and take action. You get to decide before others decide for you. Plus, everyone benefits…your family, friends, workplace, community and the entire world. 

Remember ladies: There’s a good chance you’ll be in charge of your family’s finances at some point in your life, either by choosing to remain single, experiencing divorce or simply living longer than men. We got you. Let’s Get Her Done.

“Heck yes, I’m ready to prioritize me. Let’s Get Her Done.”

Accessible & Affordable Retirement Education for All Women

You Ready to Know More?

Take My Masterclass

Find Out What Your Missing & Where to Head Next

We believe a better retirement is about having enough health, wealth and happiness. Do you have enough? What are you missing? Find out by taking our free DIY Retirement Readiness Assessment. Answer the questions and our software will identify your gaps and email you a readiness report along with some suggestions on where to head next.

Thank goodness we women aren't afraid to ask for directions. 🙂

Be the Her in Hero

When you commit to yourself and our platform, you’ll know better, feel better, rest better, live better, and retire better. Heck, you’ll even look better too!  So grab a cape ladies, we’re gonna show you how to get her done, and be the “her” in hero. Your wildest dreams included.