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It All Starts With Her Retirement and You

When you decide to make a commitment to yourself and change your financial destiny and your retirement, we’re here to show you how. NO guesswork. NO excuses. NO fear. NO stress. NO BS. Thank goodness we women aren’t afraid to ask for directions. 🤣

Listen to Her Retirement founder Lynn Toomey explain why she believes Her Retirement is a breadth of fresh air in an industry that’s outdated and out of touch with the unique wants and needs of women (hint: it’s more than money).  >>

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Guess what ladies? We aren’t prepared for retirement. 85% of us don’t have a retirement strategy. 90% of us don’t know if we’re saving enough for retirement. 60% of us fear we’ll become a bag lady. And 89% of us can’t pass a retirement literacy quiz. 

 We aim to change all this with our human-centric, tech-powered platform.  Whether you’re actively preparing for retirement, already retired or just thinking about it, we’ll help you achieve financial know-how, confidence, and independence. Around here we like to say, “When you know more, you can have more (however you define more). And women deserve this more than ever.”

We’re 100% committed to making retirement better through education and action. Our only question is, will it be yours?

How Confident Are You in Your Plan for Retirement?

Do you know...When you can retire? What you want your retirement to look like? How much money you'll need? How to protect and grow your money?  How to protect your health? How to leave a legacy and more?

RetireMentor Coaching

We're With You Every Step of the Way

Talking about your money is no longer taboo when you decide to collaborate with a RetireMentor coach. And you won’t have to do this whole retirement thing on your own. He/she will lead you through our personalized tech-powered planning process based on your priorities, values and goals. You’ll be heard, understood and guided in the best direction for you. You’ll have unbiased help juggling all your tasks and decisions, and choosing your team of experts. You’ll no longer feel overwhelmed, intimidated or judged. And you won’t wonder who’s got your back. You’ll simply know.

Retirement Readiness Software

Financial Tech at Your Fingertips

How would you like an easy to use and safe digital experience that identifies, organizes and analyzes your entire financial life, your goals, needs, gaps and opportunities? It also generates educational finance and retirement content, and actionable guidance personalized for you. Our proprietary software allows you to make more informed decisions; have more informed conversations with your team; and take massive action on your financial life. No more guessing when you can retire or if you’re making all the right lifestyle choices and money moves. You’ll simply know.

Masterclass, Other Online Learning & Community

Be a Student and a Steward of Your Wealth

Here in our platform you have access to our 6-hour online Masterclass, webinars, free e-classes, and resources. You can also check out Lynn Toomey’s book, podcast, blog, YouTube channel and private Facebook community for even more education and support. With so much content and your commitment to learning, you’ll no longer question money and retirement basics (or have the wool pulled over your eyes). You’ll simply know.

Network of Experts

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Eliminating the Google searches and guesswork, we’re creating a network of experts for you.  Whether you have financial, legal or lifestyle needs, you can build a reliable dream team to do the things you don’t want to do or don’t know how to do.  Say goodbye to your gaps, blind spots and bad advice.  Say hello to a plan for retirement you not only understand, but have 100% confidence in. Best of all, you’ll no longer worry where to get reliable help and who to trust. You’ll simply know.

A Better Retirement Isn't Just for Affluent Women

Think you need a minimum amount of assets to get the help you need? Or think financial advice is just for the affluent? Think again. We offer access to affordable coaching programs, membership, and discounted planning services, as well as many free resources.

It Feels So Good to Simply Know

When you commit to yourself and our platform, you’ll know better, feel better, rest better, live better, and retire better. Heck, you’ll even look better too!  So grab a cape ladies, we’re gonna show you how to get her done, and be the “her” in hero. Your wildest dreams included.

Why for Women?

Women Want More. Women Deserve More. 

“We may have more challenges, but we also have more opportunity…lots of it. I believe Her Retirement is just what women need in order to know more and have more. And every woman deserves this ‘more’ than ever.”  — Lynn Toomey, Her Retirement Founder
We have unique to women challenges and obstacles to overcome >>

Unlike our male counterparts, we women face some formidable challenges, risks and obstacles when it comes to our finances and planning for retirement. 

We live longer. Earn less (for now). Take career breaks. Invest less. We’re primary decision makers for purchases, but not 100% confident in our financial knowledge and financial planning.

We're unprepared and underserved, and we've been left in the lurch >>

There’s over 300,000 (mostly male) financial advisors, yet more than 85% of us don’t have a retirement strategy. 90% of us have no idea if we’re saving enough for retirement. 

In an outdated and out of touch industry, many of us have been alienated, underserved and left to figure out all this financial and retirement stuff on our own. 

We are planners and doers however, and a force to be reckoned with >>

We are however, planners, doers, hard workers and business starters. We research and seek knowledge. We’re intuitive and determined.

And, we’re a force to be reckoned with...American women are expected to control much of the $30 trillion in baby boomers assets (a wealth transfer of such magnitude that it approaches the annual GDP of the US)!

Ladies, it's time to get educated, get prepared and build true generational wealth.

Her Retirement is here to help you, and we’re ready to fill the gaps left by all those fellas out there. 😉

Learn from Lynn & Get to Know Her

SmartHER, BraveHER, WealthiHER (and more secure too). 

“My podcast, Youtube channel, masterclass and book are a great place to start. Here’s to knowing more, having more and Getting Her Done.”  💪

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