Know More. Have More. Live More.

(Wildest Dreams Included)

For all you women in your second half of life thinking or worrying about the R-word (Retirement).  We got you. No more fear, doubt, confusion, excuses, stress or BS.

Meet your new ally and guide, Her Retirement…the first and only retirement well-being plaform for “Her”.  Whether you want to fully retire, semi-retire or never retire, this is the start of an incredible journey to “more.” We got you.

Thank goodness we women aren’t afraid to ask for directions. 🙂

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Hi there. I'm Lynn

I Understand You and Your Dreams (and what keeps you up at night too).

 Her Take >

As the creator of Her Retirement, I've spent the last decade educating and guiding countless women about money, life and retirement. I've heard the bag lady fears, along with the desire for more. More for themselves and their families. More health. More financial security. More meaning. More adventure. More happiness. 

I know because I have the same dreams and challenges.

My team and I are 100% committed to helping you get whatever you want more of.  We're ready to Get Her Done. My only question is, are you?

“A refreshingly novel approach to retirement well-being in an industry that's outdated and out of touch with the unique needs of women."

As Seen In...

Are You Ready, Financially, for Retirement (aka work optional lifestyle)

Take our quick quiz to find out.  After answering a handful of questions, you’ll receive your Retirement Readiness Score & Assessment, including the suggested steps to take on your journey to “more”.

It's Time to Be a Student & Steward of Your Money & Your Life

This is your right & responsibility.

Research proves there’s a huge link between financial literacy, planning, stability, health, wealth and happiness. But, we women have some gaps to fill, not just in our financial education and confidence, but also between intent & action. We’re here to fill the gaps. 

A Plan for Current You & Future You

"What is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?" (Mary Oliver)

Let's Get Her Done >

Powered by our proprietary software, process and our team of coaches and experts, we offer live and digital financial and non-financial education and guidance.

You'll understand, assess and address your gaps, risks and opportunities. And we'll connect you to the resources you need to create and implement a plan to live long and prosper. Women deserve this more than ever.

Are you ready to Get Her Done? 

3 Smart Steps You Can Take Today to Secure Your Best Retirement

"I knew this was my path forward."

“I had many questions regarding retirement especially being a single female and didn’t know where to turn. When I found Her Retirement I realized immediately this was my path forward. It was exactly what I needed to be able to move forward with confidence about my situation.” -Debra M.

The Women We Help...

Are HappiHER, HealthiHER & WealthiHER (and you can be too).

 Let's Get Her Done >

If you're concerned, but willing to invest in yourself and your future.

If you consider yourself a smart & accomplished professional or small business owner.

If you're single, or will become single at some point in your life.

If you've accumulated resources for retirement, but aren't sure how to optimize and protect them.

If you're open to learning new strategies to solve both.

If you want a financial life plan from trustworthy and empathetic experts

We got you. Let's Get Her Done.

Women Have Less Earnings
Women Have Less Retirement Savings

Be the Her in Hero

When you commit to yourself and our platform, you’ll know better, feel better, rest better, live better, and retire better. Heck, you’ll even look better too!  So grab a cape ladies, we’re gonna show you how to get her done, and be the “her” in hero. Your wildest dreams included.