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Why for Women?

There's a Whole Lotta Guys Getting it Wrong

Her Retirement is Trying to Get it Right

"Hey there Ladies, I'm Lynn Toomey, the founder of Her Retirement. There's a bunch of really good reasons why I decided to create a retirement education and planning platform for 'Her'.  Check out my video below along with some interesting statistics and rationale, and my letter to you all. After, I hope to hear from you. My team and I are ready to help you Get Her Done. A WealthiHER, HealthiHER and HappiHer retirement isn't just a dream, it's a decision."

Many of us are unprepared for retirement. We've been underserved, and mostly left in the lurch >>

Consider that there's about 300,000 (mostly male) financial advisors out there. Yet more than 85% of us women don’t have a retirement strategy. 90% of us have no idea if we’re saving enough for retirement. 

In an outdated and out of touch industry, many of us have been alienated, underserved and left to figure out all this financial and retirement stuff on our own. 

But...we do have to take some responsibility, even though the deck has been stacked against us >>

We can't blame it all on the guys, however. We've not taken the bull by the horns (for a whole host of reasons). Perhaps biggest of all is putting other people first and counting on a spouse or partner to figure it all out. There's also quite a few "unique to women" obstacles we've had to struggle with: we live longer, earn less (for now), take career breaks, and we're not 100% confident in our financial knowledge and financial planning.

The good news is we are planners and doers, and we're getting financially active and changing our futures >>

We are hard workers and earners. We are planners and doers. We tend to see our plans through with more consistency and success than our male counterparts. When we save and invest, we're better at this too. And guess what? We're a force to be reckoned with...American women are expected to control much of the $30 trillion in baby boomers assets (a wealth transfer of such magnitude that it approaches the annual GDP of the US)!  So ladies, it's time to get educated, get prepared and build a better retirement. Let's get her done.

A Letter to All the Women Who Want to Live a Better Retirement

from Her Retirement founder, Lynn Toomey

Dear Ladies:

Planning a wealthiHER, healthiHER and happiHER retirement is something we all dream of, but it’s NOT easy.  And it’s not something we’ve done before. There’s also so many risks, blind spots and challenges unique to us women. Not to mention bag lady syndrome. Oy vey. Couple all this with the myriad of financial and lifestyle decisions we’re faced with as we approach retirement and it can feel a bit too much, even for the most savvy among us. I should know…I’m 56 and 7/8 and on the same exact journey. Same challenges. Same worries.

But here’s the good news ladies. We are planners and doers. We seek knowledge and are open to new ideas. We’re hard workers, earners and sometimes breadwinners too. We’re savers and investors (even better than men). And once we plan, we tend to see our plans through with more consistency and success. And the best news of all, we are a force to be reckoned with…American women are expected to control much of the $30 trillion in baby boomers assets (a wealth transfer of such magnitude that it approaches the annual GDP of the US)!

All of this explains why my team and I have built this proprietary platform for me, for you and for all women. I’ve always dreamed of a world where every woman has an opportunity to be wealthiHER, healthiHER and happiHER, and be the her in hero too.

My platform gives you access to the world’s most comprehensive retirement resources on the planet when you’re ready to stop dreaming and start doing. Yeah, I’m a little biased. But seriously, I’ve spent the better half of the last ten years observing and understanding the financial services industry, women, and retirement.

What I found were some gaping holes, so I decided to fill them.  And speaking of gaps, my platform is designed to identify and fill your retirement gaps, while mitgating your risks and taking advantage of opportunities for more wealth, health and happiness. The whole process is guided by my team of RetireMentors, powered by software I created (yes women can create fintech tools), and based on research-backed and data driven content so that you can know more & have more (however you define more). We’re even building you a network of vetted experts for all your financial, legal and lifestyle needs. All of this is delivered in different formats and with different “affordable” fee structures. Hey a girl’s gotta earn a living and save for retirement too. But you’ll also find a TON of free and valuable resources. 

Thanks for checking out my platform. I hope to see you making a decision to prioritize planning for retirement (it’s never too early or too late to start). I truly believe fortune does indeed favor the smart, the bold and the prepared. 

As you can probably tell, my team and I are 100% committed to making retirement better for women everywhere. Our only question is, will it be yours?

Let’s Get Her Done,


P.S. Think financial, life or health coaching is just for the affluent? Or think you need a minimum amount of assets to get the financial help you need. Think again. We offer access to affordable group and one-on-one coaching, a subscription program and discounted services, as well as many free resources.

Ladies, it's time to get educated, get prepared and build a better retirement (a little generational wealth wouldn't hurt either).

Her Retirement is here to help you fill the gaps left by all those fellas out there. Thank goodness we women aren't afraid to ask for directions.  😉