Who We Help?

We offer our resources and services to women (and their spouses or partners) in all walks of life.

The people who can benefit most from our resources are those aged 50-70. However, we do offer retirement planning resources for women of any age, as well as those who are already retired.

We offer the most help to those who:

  • Understand the value of education…knowledge is power.
  • Appreciate the value of an actual advisor (vs. a computer program/robo-advisor)
  • Prefer to have an expert help them with their financial and retirement planning so they can focus on other priorities.
  • Are concerned about protection strategies and leaving a legacy for their family.
  • Are open minded to the new strategies for securing an income for life.
  • Want a partner who acts in their best interests as a financial advocate vs. a salesperson selling an investment product.
  • Appreciates the convenience of one stop retirement resources and services

For employers we offer a Her Retirement e-class and on-site lunch-n-learns.

For advisors, CPAs and other financial professionals who want to join our mission of making reliable retirement advice affordable and accessible to the masses, we offer affiliate programs, as well as a Her Retirement education class and other programming that can be delivered in your local community. Her Retirement can help expand your local services to anyone who wants to plan a better retirement with your help.

We offer our Her RetirementTM Approach
for people in all Phases of Retirement Planning

because it’s never too early to start…

Retirement planning strategies differ depending upon your age. When you work with a Her Retirement affiliated advisor he/she will determine the best practices for your plan, depending on how many years you have til retirement.

In the Pre-Retirement or Accumulation phase, your focus will be on saving as much as possible and investing as aggressively as possible. Time is on your side with the effect of compounding interest. We can also help you with budgeting and life planning.  The sooner you start, the better off you’ll be. Getting the right help is an investment that more than pays for itself.

In the Getting Ready to Retire or Re-Allocation phase, we’ll help you take inventory of what you’ve got, what you might need in retirement and determine the gap, and figure out a plan to close the gap. We’ll also take a look at your risk tolerance and adjust the allocation of your portfolio as necessary.

In Retirement or the Distribution phase, we make sure to properly manage your risks, maximize your income distribution in the most tax efficient manner, create a budget and plan to make your income last throughout retirement and shore up your estate plan .

Regardless of whether you use our services (or the amount of money you have saved), you’re free to use our Learning Center and Her Retirement educational classes/e-classes.