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    Check out how a vision board can help you...

    Create Better Intentions

    No matter what you put on your vision board, you must have the intention to achieve it. Having a vision board creates better intentions as you use your vision board to start every day with a focus.

    Make Your Dreams Clear

    A vision board is essentially a visual representation of your goals and dreams. This means your dreams are clear and vivid every day as you look at your vision board to keep you moving foward.

    Improves Creativity

    When you have goals and dreams in life set in place, and provide a visual such as the vision board, creativity is naturally improved as you work to find new ways to achieve these goals and dreams

    Provides Motivation

    Let's face it, some days are hard! That's why having a vision board is a brilliant idea to provide motivation for those less than stellar days when motivation is lacking.

    Boosts Determination

    Another benefit of having your own vision board is that it provides you with a huge boost of determination. Being able to focus on your goals every day gives you a higher level of determination.

    Enhances Productivity

    When you have an end goal in mind, such as these goals and dreams you placed on your vision board, you're more apt to see a boost in productivity due to being able to visualize those dreams coming true.

    Provides Focus

    A vision board gives you something to focus on everyday. This helps boost your focus as you accomplish daily tasks to reach your ultimate goal of achieving everything on your vision board.

    Pushes Your Desire

    A vision board makes you think about what you want to achieve regularly. This, in turn, pushes your desire to succeed even deeper than any other tool can do.

    Boosts Changes of Success

    One of the biggest benefits of having your own vision board is that it helps boost your chances of success. Having a vision in life and work helps you remain focused on said success regularly.

    Makes You Happier

    Have you ever seen someone who has a vision board be unhappy? While life does take a toll on all of us, if you have a vision board your more apt to have a happier and more positive demeanor.

    The vision board usually goes along with the concept of the law of attraction of the law of attraction, that says your thoughts can manifest your reality. Whether you believe in the law of attraction or not is irrelevant. The simple fact is having a vision board to look at every day will help you stay focused and motivated on your future goals and dreams, no matter how challenging life gets.


    About Your Host, Her Retirement Founder & RetireMentor Lynn Toomey

    Raised by a single mom, Lynn Toomey learned some early life lessons about life, love, family and finances. The best piece of advice her mother shared, “Get an education and make sure you can take care of yourself.” Lynn followed her mother’s advice and then some. As an “almost” baby boomer herself, Lynn spent her early career launching and marketing high-tech start-ups. After “retiring” from that world, Lynn became passionate about finances, women and retirement, and Her Retirement was born.

    Watching her mom handle life, career and four kids almost single-handedly is the inspiration behind Her Retirement. “I don’t want women to have to go solo or simply follow their partner’s lead when it comes to finances. Instead, I want women to have financial understanding, independence and confidence.” Lynn believes the Her Retirement financial wellness platform, with it’s educational focus, coaching, technology tools, connections and community will make preparing for retirement easier and living in retirement dreamier for women everywhere. Lynn truly believes that knowing more means having more. And every woman deserves this “more” than ever.


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