There’s over 300,000 (mostly male) financial advisors, yet more than 85% of us don’t have a retirement strategy. 90% of us have no idea if we’re saving enough for retirement. 

In an outdated and out of touch industry, many of us have been alienated, underserved and left to figure out all this financial and retirement stuff on our own. We aim to change this with our focus on being WealthiHER.


Because of women's longevity, our health and the cost to protect our health is a major priority. At Her Retirement, it's our priority too. We help you preserve and pay for your vitality. Afterall, what good is money without health to enjoy it? In fact, when we partner with women to create a plan for retirement, we insist on a commitment to being HealthiHER.


At Her Retirement we believe Life IS good, but retirement IS better! And, it can be happier with a concerted effort to embrace this new phase of life. We'll take the time to have some deep, soul searching convos with you about your purpose, passions, connections and contributions. Our lifesytle RetireMentors are experienced in life transitions and providing the support you need to be HappiHER.

A Better Retirement for Her Isn't Just About the Money...that's why we offer more

Women Need More. Want More. Deserve More.

Planning a wealthiHER, healthiHER and happiHER retirement is NOT easy.  It’s not something most of us have ever done before. There’s also so many risks and blind spots and challenges unique to us women. Couple this with all the financial and lifestyle decisions we’re faced with as we approach retirement and it can quickly feel a bit overwhelming even for the most savvy.

But here’s the good news ladies. We are planners and doers. We seek knowledge and are open to new ideas. We’re savers and investors (even better than men). And once we plan, we tend to see our plans through with more consistency and success. And the best news of all, we are a force to be reckoned with…American women are expected to control much of the $30 trillion in baby boomers assets (a wealth transfer of such magnitude that it approaches the annual GDP of the US)!

All of this explains why we’ve built this proprietary platform for you. No more figuring out all this retirement stuff on your own, or just daydreaming about it. We combine our tech-powered readiness process, led by our RetireMentors, with objective retirement and financial education and a network of experts, to help you know more and have more (however you define more).

We’re 100% committed to making retirement better. Our only question is, will it be yours?,


We're With You Every Step of the Way

Planning for retirement (financially, mentally, physically) is not an easy task. With one of our RetireMentors you don’t have to do this all alone. He/she will lead you through our personalized, tech-powered process based on your needs and priorities. You’ll be heard, understood and objectively guided in the best direction for you. You’ll have help juggling all your tasks and decisions, and choosing your team of experts. And you’ll be held accountable too. But you won’t feel overwhelmed, intimidated or judged. And you won’t wonder who’s got your back. You’ll simply know.

Retirement Readiness Software

Financial Tech at Your Fingertips

How would you like an easy to use and safe digital experience that identifies, organizes and analyzes your entire financial life, your goals, needs, gaps and opportunities? It also generates educational finance and retirement content, and actionable guidance personalized for you. Our proprietary software allows you to make more informed decisions; have more informed conversations with your team; and take massive action on your financial life. No more guessing when you can retire or if you’re making all the right lifestyle choices and money moves. You’ll simply know.

Objective Education & Community

Be a Student and a Steward of Your Wealth

Here in our platform you have access to our 6-hour online Masterclass, webinars, free e-classes, and resources. You can check out Lynn Toomey’s book, podcast, blog, YouTube channel and private Facebook community for even more education and support. With so much content and your commitment to learning, you’ll no longer question money and retirement basics (or have the wool pulled over your eyes). You’ll simply know.

Network of Experts

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Eliminating the Google searches and guesswork, we’re creating a network of experts for you.  Whether you have financial, legal or lifestyle needs, you can build a reliable dream team to do the things you don’t want to do or don’t know how to do.  Say goodbye to your gaps, blind spots and bad advice.  Say hello to a plan for retirement you not only understand, but have 100% confidence in. Best of all, you’ll no longer worry where to get reliable help, who to trust or when you can retire. You’ll simply know.