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Step 1: Find Out if You're Ready

Take Our Financial Readiness Assessment

Do you have your money ducks in a row? Do you know what ducks you need to have to begin with? Take our free Financial Readiness Assessment to find out. Answer the questions, then our software will analyze your responses and email you a readiness report. Time allotment: 5 minutes (depending on how much coffee you've had).

Thank goodness we women aren't afraid to ask for directions. :-)

Step 2: Try a Free Preview of our Retirement Readiness Platform

The first of its kind, designed for women, our platform helps you assess and address your knowledge and financial gaps.  You'll understand your risks, potential strategies and opportunities while having access to retirement planning resources and experts. The free preview gives you a sneak peak of the entire platform with access to a few calculators.

Step 3: Take the Her Retirement Roadmap FREE Masterclass

Step 4: Check Out Our Info Kits, Books, Guides & Gifts

Step 5: Check Out Our Library of Free Resources

Step 6: Listen to the Podcast

Step 7: Join the Her Retirement Community

Step 8: Book a Paid Chat Session to Ask Your Questions.

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Step 10: Share Her Retirement

& Earn Some Cash

Friends & family don’t let friends & family retire broke.  Just tell a friend, family member or co-worker about Her Retirement. And, if you want to earn a passive income referring women to our Masterclass program, you will earn $50 for every student who signs up! Email for details.

A la Carte Services & Resources

From coaching to advice, we’ve got you covered. Let’s Get Her Done

RetireMentor Coaching

Your very own retirement advocate. Our RetireMentors provide  financial and non-financial coaching to help you: get going, get organized, take action, stay accountable and in control of the retirement goals you’ve chosen. They can even vet financial & legal advisors for you. You won’t have to worry about who to trust. You’ll simply know. We charge $125/hour for coaching.

Software Subscription

Your personalized retirement control center inventories, organizes and analyzes your entire financial life. It identifies your gaps, risks and opportunities. Robust e-learning, visioning and planning modules allow you to make more informed decisions and take massive action. No more guesswork. You’ll simply know if you’re ready. 

Educational Resources

Be a student and steward of your retirement. We’ve created tons of educational resources in our Learning Center. With so much content and your commitment to learning, you’ll no longer question money and retirement basics (or have the wool pulled over your eyes). You’ll simply know.

Advice from an Expert

Planning for retirement is alot.  So we decided to assemble a Network of Experts who provide financial, legal or other expertise. Don’t see an expert you need in the network? Contact a RetireMentor for help. Each expert has their own service and fee structures. Her Retirement may receive compensation for referrals.