What business issue are you struggling with?

Solve It Sessions for Women Entreprenuers

Our new Solve It Sessions bring together small groups of women who meet via Zoom and brainstorm each other’s #1 business problem at each session. How’s that for a powerful solution!

Why I created Solve It Sessions?
I love networking and brainstorming. I also love helping women entrepreneurs launch and grow their businesses. I also love seeing that aha moment when an entrepreneur finds a solution to a problem she’s been struggling with.
What I DON’T love is going to “networking” events and participating in groups where people are pitching me their products and shoving their businesses in my face without showing the slightest interest in what I do and without ever thinking how they can give in return. 
I have a better solution for connecting, collaborating and contributing… and not just to your own business, but contributing just one idea to another business. When you spend time outside of your own business, thinking tactically or strategically about someone else’s business, it expands your creative brain power. It’s kind of like taking a vacation from your own business issues.
I expect these sessions to book-up quickly, so jump on the opportunity if interested. Based on interest, I will schedule as many sessions as we need to to accommodate interest, but hope to host at least one session per month.
Once I have at least 20 women interested, I will schedule the first session ASAP. It’s already July and I’d like us all to kick butt for the rest of 2021! Questions: email me at: lynnt@herretirement.com or text/call me at: 978.833.6067. Let’s Get Her Done!

Sign Up for a Solve It Session

    How the Sessions Work?
    • 20 women per Solve It Session
    • Each participant communicates to the group one issue they are struggling to solve (one week prior to the session)
    • All participants will prepare their ideas in advance of the session
    • The session takes place via Zoom with one facilitator
    • Each participant will be asked to present their issue and then the group will roundtable it
    • Every participant will leave the session with 19 actionable ideas
    • I would like to have a “sponsor” for each session in which that sponsor can offer some type of promo gift to each participant (this is just a chance to highlight your product or service to the group).
    Here’s some additional rules/notes:
    • No MLMs. Sorry, I know that there are some good ones out there. 
    • Come prepared to provide solutions, as well as receive them.
    • Don’t forget to take notes! People get just as much out of hearing solutions for other people than they do for themselves.
    • I believe in Giver’s Gain. I would like everyone to post a positive comment on each session’s participants Facebook pages. This is after all about supporting, “Her.”
    • All sessions are free to participants.