7 Social Security Resources for $7 "The Stakes Are Higher for Women When Claiming Social Security...women are more likely to suffer financially if they make the wrong choice."

Congratulations on making it a priority to get your Social Security strategy right…whether you’re married, single, divorced, widowed or disabled. You want to get this critical part of your retirement income right!

Social Security is most American’s largest asset in retirement…you don’t want to get this wrong. You DO want to make sure you understand…

  • How to get the most from your benefit?
  • When will you be eligible to receive benefits?
  • How is your benefit calculated?
  • How does early retirement affect your benefit amount?
  • How does working in retirement affect your benefit? 
  • Do you qualify for spousal, ex-spouse,  survivor or disability benefits?
  • How are benefits taxed?
  • Claiming at 62 vs FRA vs 70?
  • What is the future of Social Security and more.

A better, more intentional and financially secure retirement is all about knowing more and having more.

Let’s Get Her Done!

Yes, I Want to Be Social Security Smart

Here’s the 7 resources you get for $7…

  1. Social Security video
  2. 5 Things Every Women Should Know About Social Security
  3. What Issues I Should Consider with My Benefits
  4. Social Security Claiming Decision Tree
  5. Will My Benefits Be Reduced Decision Tree
  6. 2023 Social Security/Medicare Cheat Sheet
  7.  Retirement milestone chart

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