It’s time to stop worrying about your portfolio and retirement, and get some sleep.

Hi there. I’m Lynn Toomey, founder and RetireMentor here at Her Retirement.

Thanks for requesting access to my white paper and podcast that will explain an idea to help you protect (and still grow) your portfolio, even in this crazy economy.

The idea (that I like to refer to as Sleep Assurance) is backed by retirement researchers and experts like Wade Pfau, Moshe Milevsky and Brian Saranovitz, and lots of people just like you who are reaping the benefits (and sleeping better at night).

Download my white paper below and access my podcast, Episode 10 too. Here’s to Knowing More & Having More and Getting Her Done. If you have any questions or want to connect with our coaching services or to a retirement advisor for investment advice, please email me at:

No one really knows where the market is headed, but there is a way to be pro-active and smart, and better protect what you’ve got.

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