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The Her Retirement podcast hosted by Her Retirement founder, Lynn Toomey will help women prepare for, transition into and live in retirement. With topics ranging from health to wealth to happiness, Lynn will help you know more and have more (however you define more). Take a listen and Get Her Done!

Her Retirement’s Walk the Talk Podcast
Her Retirement’s Walk the Talk Podcast

Walk the Talk by Her Retirement founder Lynn Toomey is an educational podcast focused on health and wealth for women preparing for and transitioning into retirement.

Episode 119: Camp Reinvention…Because Age is Just a Number
byLynn Toomey

In this enlightening podcast episode, Wendy Werneth and Dana Malstaff from Camp Reinvention, seasoned coaches and mentors, share invaluable wisdom and guidance for women navigating life transitions. Wendy, a seasoned life coach, and Dana, a successful entrepreneur, emphasize the transformative potential of their 12-week program, designed to help women rediscover their passions and chart a fulfilling path forward. They encourage listeners to take action and approach life with curiosity, highlighting the importance of embracing imperfection and challenging limiting beliefs. Wendy underscores the notion that past experiences do not define one’s future, emphasizing the opportunity for growth and change at any age. Host Lynn, who also leads “Never Too Late to Launch” for women over 50, finds resonance in empowering women to explore new opportunities. As the conversation unfolds, they delve into topics such as retirement, entrepreneurship, and the endless possibilities for personal and professional fulfillment. Listeners are invited to explore Camp Reinvention and ponder the empowering question: “Wouldn’t it be cool if…”