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The Her Retirement podcast hosted by Her Retirement founder, Lynn Toomey will help women prepare for, transition into and live in retirement. With topics ranging from health to wealth to happiness, Lynn will help you know more and have more (however you define more). Take a listen and Get Her Done!

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Her Retirement’s Walk the Talk Podcast
Her Retirement’s Walk the Talk Podcast

Walk the Talk by Her Retirement founder Lynn Toomey is an educational podcast focused on health and wealth for women preparing for and transitioning into retirement.

Episode 63: Inflation Taking a Bite Out of Your Income?
byLynn Toomey

In this week’s episode, Lynn reviews some strategies to lessen the blow inflation may inflict upon your retirement income.  Some more episodes on this topic: 

Episode 56: What’s Better Than Bonds? Episode 45: Are Annuities the Answer?