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The Retirement Planning Confidence Quiz

The Her Retirement Confidence Quiz is a starting point to help you create and implement a comprehensive financial plan for retirement you not only understand, but have 100% confidence in.
Your results can help you get a quick read on the areas you need to focus on as you prepare for and transition into the retirement you've imagined.
Take 5 minutes and answer the 15 questions below to find out how financially confident (and prepared) you are.

Her Retirement Platform

The Her Retirement Personalized Readiness Platform assesses your knowledge and financial gaps, while offering strategies and guidance to fill the gaps. The collaborative, easy to use software makes sure you actually create and implement a retirement plan vs. just thinking about it. Fortune does indeed favor the smart, the bold and prepared. "Those who have a written retirement plan accumulate a 445% bigger nest egg." -HSBC Future of Retirement Study, 2013

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