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Meet Lynn Toomey

Hi there, I’m Lynn Toomey. I know all this because I’m a GenX woman on my own journey to retirement with similar hopes and fears. I’ve spent the last decade figuring out how I can live a better, more intentional, worry-less, and financially secure life and retirement (wildest dreams included). I’m ready to share everything I’ve learned with you. Wanna join me and Get HER Done?

Watch my brief video at right to hear what I think women worry about, what we want and how the financial services industry has left many of us in the lurch. And then, read the story of how and why I created Her Retirement below. It’s good one. And remember, you can be the HER in hero.

In HER Words...

One day, my dreams about the future and my retirement got overtaken by worry.  Like a real panic attack about running out of money in retirement, being a bag lady, getting sick, being a burden on my family, or the thousand other worries and questions we burden ourselves with. Worry sucks. It’s bad for us. It’s unhealthy. It ages us. It takes an unnecessary toll on us.

The Hero of My Own Story

So the next day, I literally decided I didn’t want to be a worry wart. And a better future and retirement for me and my family didn’t have to just be a dream. I could also stop putting everyone else’s needs before my own. I decided on that very day, I could be the hero of my own story.

Becoming My Own RetireMentor...

As fate would have it, I partnered up personally and professionally with a retirement advisor (go figure). Working alongside him and doing a ton of my own research, I learned everything I could about women, money and retirement. I learned about the gaps, risks and opportunities that are unique to us women, and how to address them with prudent strategies and planning.

...So I Could Become HER RetireMentor

Then I had an aha moment. Knowing that I wasn’t the only woman with dreams and fears who needed trustworthy knowledge and guidance, I decided to create Her Retirement. It would be the world’s first, online “retirement readiness” platform for women 50+ going through major life transitions.

HER Resources to Educate, Prepare & Guide

Today my platform combines high-tech (proprietary software I designed) with high-touch (a team of RetireMentors), plus a whole bunch of resources to educate, prepare and guide women on their own successful journey to and through retirement. As I like to say, it’s all about knowing more and having more…and women deserve this more than ever.

HER Money, HER Story, HER Life

My platform is the first of its kind to bring together financial and non-financial retirement planning (because a good life isn’t just about money). Within my 5-tier “Good Life” framework, any woman can connect with her money, her story and her life, regardless of her affluence or stage of life. This isn’t just financial planning ladies..this is life planning!

HER Retirement Roadmap

My platform also features my Retirement Readiness Roadmap that lays out each step of your retirement journey. You’ll Learn, Envision, Assess, Plan & Implement with 100% confidence. No doubts. No fear. No excuses. No stress. No BS. Thank goodness we women aren’t afraid to ask for directions!

Well….that’s my story. The rest they say is, “HERStory”.  I’d love to help you write or re-write yours. Are you ready? Let’s Get HER Done.

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”  –Eleanor Roosevelt

About Lynn

Lynn is the founder of Her Retirement, a financial wellness company with a technology-based platform that helps women prepare for, transition into and live a better retirement.

Lynn has 30 years’ experience in launching high-tech and financial services companies. As a personal finance educator, financial wellness coach, writer, speaker and fintech creator, Lynn is passionate about her mission to help women everywhere know more and have more…now and in retirement.

Raised by a single mother, Lynn Toomey learned some early life lessons about life, love, family and finances. The best piece of advice her mother shared, “Get an education and make sure you can take care of yourself.” Lynn followed her mother’s advice and then some. But her mother didn’t have the background to teach her about finances and planning for retirement…that’s been a self-taught journey, until about 10 years ago when she met her significant other and joined forces with him to re-brand and grow his financial advisory practice. In this process, Lynn began to learn…a lot about finances and retirement. She also uncovered a lot of research about women, money and retirement, and their unique challenges.

While daydreaming about her own life and future one morning, she had an aha moment and Her Retirement was born. Lynn decided that she wanted to create not just a company, but a movement. A movement she would call Her Retirement. It would be a movement to help women know more and have more…now and in retirement. 

Lynn wants women everywhere (including her two 20 year old twin daughters and 29 year old son) to have financial understanding, independence and confidence. She believes the Her Retirement financial wellness platform, with its academic focus, technology tools, coaching and content based on research (vs. industry biased information) will make preparing for retirement easier and living in retirement dreamier for women everywhere. Lynn believes that women can be the “her” in hero and that knowing more means having more. And every woman deserves this “more” than ever.

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“I believe Her Retirement is just what women need in order to know more and have more…now and in retirement. And every woman deserves this ‘more’ than ever."

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