Our Founder

I believe Her Retirement is just what women need in order to know more and have more…now and in retirement. And every woman deserves this ‘more’ than ever.” 

-Lynn Toomey

Raised by a single mother, Lynn Toomey learned some early life lessons about life, love, family and finances. The best piece of advice her mother shared, “Get an education and make sure you can take care of yourself.” Lynn followed her mother’s advice and then some. But her mother didn’t have the background to teach her about finances and planning for retirement…that’s been a self-taught journey, until about 10 years ago when she met her significant other and joined forces with him to re-brand and grow his financial advisory practice. In this process, Lynn began to learn…a lot about finances and retirement. She also uncovered a lot of research about women, money and retirement, and their unique challenges.

While daydreaming about her own life and future one morning, she had an aha moment and Her Retirement was born. Lynn decided that she wanted to create not just a company, but a movement. A movement she would call Her Retirement. It would be a movement to help women know more and have more…now and in retirement. After a lot more research and work, Lynn developed the entire Her Retirement program, including the Get Her Done approach and her retirement readiness software platform, Retirement Solved.

Lynn wants women everywhere (including her two twin daughters) to have financial understanding, independence and confidence. She believes the Her Retirement financial wellness platform, with its academic focus, technology tools, coaching and content based on research (vs. industry biased information) will make preparing for retirement easier and living in retirement dreamier for women everywhere. Lynn believes that women can be the “her” in hero and that knowing more means having more. And every woman deserves this “more” than ever.

To chat with Lynn, visit: www.GetHerDoneChat.com