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Congratulations on making a decision to get smart about your retirement. You now have access to more than ten hours of retirement education, as well as our retirement readiness platform and coaching (plus a few items you should have received in the mail too). Let’s Get Her Done.

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Your Retirement Roadmap

As you go through this program, remember the most important questions…

The most important area to focus on in retirement readiness is determining if your savings and income will last a potentially long retirement.
Here are the 8 important questions to address:

  1. What do you want your retirement income to fund?
  2. How to suitably invest retirement assets for growth, while minimizing portfolio volatility and preserving principle?
  3. How to mitigate key risk factors that can sabotage your retirement?
  4. What’s the appropriate income distribution method to utilize based on your needs?
  5. When to apply for Social Security to try to maximize income benefits?
  6. How to minimize the impact of taxes on your distribution strategy in retirement?
  7. How to utilize your home’s equity for an income buffer?
  8. How to protect your nest egg with the proper healthcare, long term care and estate planning strategies?



Masterclass, Presentations & Materials

Class 1

Homework (aka good stuff)

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Class 2

Homework (aka good stuff)

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Class 3

Homework (aka good stuff)

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Class 5

Homework (aka good stuff)

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Class 8

Homework (aka good stuff)

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Retirement Class 1 Additional Materials

Retirement Class 2 Additional Materials

Retirement Class 3 Additional Materials

Retirement Class 4 Additional Materials

Retirement Class 5 Additional Materials

Retirement Class 6 Additional Materials

Retirement Class 7 Additional Materials

Your instructor has also suggested the below resources to back up some of the concepts reviewed in class. Remember: research-backed retirement planning is essential.

Creating an Estate Plan: Issues to Consider

Reviewing an Estate Plan:
Issues to Consider

Retirement Class 8 Additional Materials

The Ultimate Retirement Readiness To-Do List

Sometimes after class, you may feel a little overwhelmed by all the information. Check out the below checklist to help you get organized.

Ultimate Retirement Readiness To-Do List

How to Choose the Right Advisor to Help You?

In a sea of 300,000 “financial advisors” it’s hard to know who are the right ones for you. Check out the guide below for some suggestions and good luck assembling your team of subject matter experts. And don’t forget to also chat with your instructor who is a Hybrid Retirement Advisor.

Guide to Advisors

Thank You for Joining Us…You Rock!

You should definitely give yourself a big ‘ol pat on the back for completing eight hours of retirement planning education. You now have a little more power to change your retirement outcome for the better. We’d love to get your feedback on the class in a quick survey below. It helps us continue to improve the class. Thanks in advance.

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    Final Step: Get a Plan and Get Living Your Best Retirement of the biggest regrets of many older women is that they didn't get a financial plan. And, those that do have a plan accumulate a 445% bigger nest egg than non-planners. Are you going to be a PlanHER or a ProcrastinatHER?

    If you don't have a written plan for retirement, you can get one now, from a Certified Financial Planner. It's a fee-only plan with no strings attached. No product sales. No pressure. It's simply a financial plan based on your needs and goals. 

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