Step 2. Complete Your Financial Inventory in the Software

Identifying what you have, what you’ll need and potential Gaps, Risks and Opportunities is a critical first step in planning for retirement. Having a single view into your financial life (now and in retirement) is empowering. As demonstrated in class, simply click the link below to create an account.

Once inside the software go to the ASSESS module and complete Step 1. In Step 2, you’ll see a summary of everything you entered. Once you exit the software your information will be saved. You can return and re-assess/change or add any information at anytime. The more complete you are with the inventory questions in Step 1, the more complete your summary will be in Step 2.

Any questions, issues or bugs you find, as this is brand new software, please email

Get Connected with Subject Matter Experts to Fast Track Your Plan

We’ve scoured the industry looking for the services you need (and some you didn’t know you need) as you prepare for and enter retirement. All of the experts we connect you with combine the absolute highest quality while acting in your best interests. Simply choose the solutions you’re interested in below and we’ll get you connected.

    In addition to chatting about a plan for retirement, I would like more information about the following:

    InvestmentsTaxesSocial Security401k/IRAsIncome PlanningAnnuitiesHome Equity

    MedicareHealthcareLong Term Care/Life InsuranceElder Care PlanningEstate PlanningDocument StorageFraud Protection

    Step 3. Watch the Replays & Access the Resources

    Articles & Retirement Checklists

    We know coming to class and taking in all the information we talk about and provide can seem overwhelming. We hope these articles provide below give you some additional insight from our favorite retirement researchers.

    Our Ultimate Retirement Checklist (also available in the Plan Module of the Retirement Solved software) organizes all your retirement “to-do’s”.  This is also a great list to share with an advisor (if you’re working with one) to see if he/she can truly help you with all of your retirement needs.

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    To keep motivated and informed on all things retirement for women, listen to Lynn Toomey’s Walk the Talk for Her podcast. Lynn discussed health, wealth and happiness topics each week and will be interviewing some amazing guests at well. 

    Other Retirement Information

    What Kind of Retirement Do You Want?

    The links below will help you start to question (and answer) your “why” in retirement.

    The Secret to Living Longer (Ted Talk)

    Profiles About Life in Retirement

    Remember the most important questions…

    The most important area to focus on in retirement readiness is determining if your savings and income will last a potentially long retirement.
    Here are the 8 important questions to address:

    1. What do you want your retirement income to fund?
    2. How to suitably invest retirement assets for growth, while minimizing portfolio volatility and preserving principle?
    3. How to mitigate key risk factors that can sabotage your retirement?
    4. What’s the appropriate income distribution method to utilize based on your needs?
    5. When to apply for Social Security to try to maximize income benefits?
    6. How to minimize the impact of taxes on your distribution strategy in retirement?
    7. How to utilize your home’s equity for an income buffer?
    8. How to protect your nest egg with the proper healthcare, long term care and estate planning strategies?

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