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How It Works

Know more. Get more. Keep more. Have more (however you define more)…now and in retirement.

Use the Entire Platform or Pick What You Need

We believe the greatest impact on your financial wellness and retirement readiness (and peace of mind) happens when you take advantage of our entire platform.  However, you can access each of the platform offerings individually as well.

The platform offers collaborative coaching; powerful software; a proven process; and research-backed, educational content (delivered within our software, podcast/blog, online store and free resource center). It also connects you to CFP-led financial planning; a network of financial, legal and lifestyle experts; and a private Facebook community.  You ready to stop wondering and worrying and enjoy some relaxation and peace of mind instead? Bathing suit and pool float optional. 

In addition to making our platform accessible to any woman anywhere, regardless of her asset levels, we make it affordable and valuable through flat fees or ongoing subscription plans.  Each plan offers a different combination of benefits and pricing. Should you only want coaching or connection to a licensed subject matter expert, we can help you with this too!

Get Her Done in 3 Steps


Review our platform offerings, the Know More. Have More process and programs below.


Talk to a RetireMentor to answer questions and get help deciding your starting point.


Make a commitment to the platform and the process to change your retirement for the better.

Her RetireMentor Coach
Her Retirement Software
Her Retirement Education
Her Network of Experts
Her Private Community

Our RetireMentors are With You Every Step of the Way

We’re not financial advisors selling you a product. No pushy salesmen here. We’re RetireMentors looking out for your best interests and financial wellness. We coach you and guide you through our proven retirement readiness process, and connect you with a pro when needed. We make sure you actually create and implement a plan vs. just thinking about it.  Sometimes we all need a little (or a big) nudge.

Financial Tech at Your Fingertips

Personalized to you, our software provides artificial intelligence to power and support our process (vs. old school pen and paper planning and manual financial projections). It will discover and fill your gaps in retirement knowledge, preparedness and advice, with a focus on identifying your financial inventory and assessing your gaps, risks and opportunities for wealthbuilding.

Be a Student and Steward of Your Wealth

Educating you is our number one mission and it pervades everything we do. It’s the first step in our process, and it doesn’t end there. Here in our platform, you have access to our Savings to Security Masterclass, mini e-classes, resources, books & more store. You can also check out Lynn Toomey’s book, podcast, blog, Youtube channel, and private Facebook community.

Our Network of Pros are Vetted For All Your Retirement Needs

Setting the bar very high, we’re building you a network of vetted financial, legal and lifestyle pros, eliminating the Google searches and guesswork. You won’t be rushed, pushed or confused into “buying” cookie cutter plans or solutions. Following our collaborative process, you can access everything from flat fee planning to advice on literally any financial and retirement topic. 

Private Facebook Community

Our private Facebook community offers support, valuable content, encouragement, humor and collaboration in a safe and non-judgemental environment. You can post all your questions and concerns and never worry about what people will think.

Our Know More. Have More Process

When you decide to collaborate with us, you’ll embark on our proven Know More. Have More process. With the guidance of our RetireMentors™ and affiliated pros, and powered by our proprietary software, you’ll Learn, Envision, Assess, Plan and Implement a roadmap for retirement you not only understand, but have 100% confidence in.


Find out what you know and don't know about your money and retirement. The process will test your financial and retirement knowledge, filling in the identified gaps with suggested e-classes and content. We believe knowledge is power.


You’ll envision and sort through your lifestyle goals and priorities with eye-opening exercises. Your coach will also check in with you on your purpose, vitality, connections and contributions…all key to living the retirement you’ve imagined.


You’ll identify and enter all of your financial inventory, while the software organizes and presents a summary to you for viewing and keeping up to date...a handy, single pane into everything you have including cash flow, net worth and retirement projections. The software also suggests gaps, risks and opportunities in a summary & guide.


The software and your coach will help you figure out how best to fill any gaps, risks and opportunities by suggesting retirement optimized strategies. You’ll also be able to track your planning tasks and get connected to a CFP for the creation of a comprehensive flat fee-based plan.


Central and critical to this readiness process is making sure you're mentally and financially ready for retirement. And that you actually take action and implement your plan. We’ll connect you to a team of subject matter experts, give you suggestions for how to choose your team and best practices for those team meetings.

Are You Ready to Know More & Have More?