You Can Live the Retirement You’ve Imagined

We’ll show you how. No guesswork. No fear. No excuses. No stress. No BS.

Introducing Her Retirement.

A global movement with a modern approach to financial wellness...built by women for women.

We all know financial wellness is the foundation of a life well-lived. We also know it’s easier said than done, especially for women.

That’s why Her Retirement is committed to helping women overcome their obstacles, navigate uncertainties, take advantage of opportunities, and build a rock solid financial foundation that carries them to and through retirement. Around here we call this “Getting Her Done.”

SmartHER. StrongHER. More Secure. Let’s Get HER Done. 🤗

The Platform that Powers the Approach

At the intersection of technology, content and people comes a platform to help you know more, get more, keep more and have more (however you define more). Whether you’re preparing to make the leap or just made the leap into retirement, you can trust the most complete, step-by-step,  personalized readiness platform on the planet.

(Yeah…we’re a little biased).  

Software to Know More

The L.E.A.P. Platform, through it’s powerful artificial intelligence, identifies, organizes and analyzes your financial circumstances, goals, needs, gaps and opportunities. It also generates personalized, educational content and guidance. This digital direction and analysis allows you to: make more informed decisions, have more informed conversations with your advisors; and take massive action on your financial life…now and in retirement.

What gaps do you have in your plan for retirement?  Find out in our 5-minute retirement confidence quiz.

A CFP & a Plan to Get More & Keep More

Collaborating with an online Certified Financial Planner, a financial wellness plan will be created  based on the Gaps, Risks & Opportunities for Wealthbuilding (G.R.O.W.) Report the software generates. Your CFP will also make sure you understand the “retirement optimized” strategies that can help you get more and keep more…now and in retirement.

The right retirement plan is more than an investment strategy or a 401(k).

Our platform helps you understand ALL the strategies that can change your retirement for the better.

Behavorial coaching




Estate Planning



Social Security





Get Her Done to Have More

To help you navigate our process and platform, and keep you on track, a dedicated RetireMentor coach is assigned to you. He/she can also connect you with our network of vetted, independent financial and legal professionals who implement your plan and help you have more…now and in retirement.

Today is the day to prioritize and commit to a new, financially focused you.

Check out our “Get Her Done in 90 Days” Retirement Readiness program.


Let’s Get Acquainted

Let’s chat, get to know one another and see if our approach is right for you. It’s not for everyone, but it is for anyone who’s ready to make financial wellness a priority.


Look Before You L.E.A.P.

Take a tour of our L.E.A.P. Retirement Readiness Platform and see firsthand how software, content and people can help you know more and have more.


Take the L.E.A.P.

L.E.A.P. leverages a proven process to help you create and implement a financial wellness plan for today, and tomorrow, that you not only understand, but have 100% confidence in.

Why for Women?

Unlike our male counterparts, we women face some formidable challenges when it comes to our finances and planning for retirement.

We live longer. Make less. Invest less. Take career breaks. We’re primary decision makers for purchases, but less confident in financial decisions.

We are however, planners and doers. We research and seek knowledge. We’re intuitive and determined. And we aren’t afraid to ask for directions!

Her Retirement is a breath of fresh air in an industry that’s outdated and out of touch with the unique and specific needs of women preparing for and living in retirement. 🤗

Women Deserve More

Meet Her Retirement founder, Lynn Toomey

“My mother has taught me some valuable lessons throughout my life, but the most important was that I could be the hero of my own story. Independence and financial wellness was and is an important foundational element…along with health and happiness.  I’ve taken this to heart every day of my life, and now I’ve created the Her Retirement movement to help women achieve their own hero status. Join me in the movement and help women Know More and Have More, and Be the ‘Her’ in Hero.”

“I believe Her Retirement is just what women need in order to know more and have more…now and in retirement. And every woman deserves this ‘more’ than ever.”

-Lynn Toomey

Be the Her in Hero Blog

Featured Post:  Her Retirement’s “Know More. Have More” Financial Literacy Mission

Women are woefully un-educated about finances and retirement. Our mission is to improve financial literacy for a million women by 2025. Join us.

Retirement (aka financial freedom) isn’t a dream. It’s a decision.

Let's Chat About Getting Her Done.

We’re determined to make retirement better. Our only question is, will it be yours? Note: limited time slots available each month for complimentary 30 minute chats.