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Congratulations on making a decision to get smart about your retirement. Below you will find all of resources mentioned in the intro class, plus a few surprises. Let’s Get Her Done.

Here's a reminder of all the value you get from attending the Roadmap Masterclass Intro:

  • Presentation replay
  • Downloadable PowerPoint presentation (with “take action” links)
  • Guides, white papers, articles, and videos
  • 2-week free trial access to the Her Retirement Personalized Readiness software platform
  • Complimentary G.R.O.W. Diagnostic
  • 40% discount on the Her Retirement Roadmap Masterclass Program.

Her Retirement Roadmap

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Did You Find Out if You Have Money Gaps?

Find out by completing our brief Financial Readiness Assessment. Simply answer some questions and then receive an assessment via email. It will identify any readiness gaps and get you going down the right path. Thank goodness we women aren't afraid to ask for directions!!

Your Readiness Assessment

Your Retirement Readiness To-Do List

Sometimes after class, you may feel a little overwhelmed by all the information. Check out the below checklist to help you get organized. You'll also find an electronic version of this checklist in the Retirement Readiness software platform.

Your Retirement Readiness To-Do List

How to Choose the Right Advisor to Help You?

In a sea of 300,000 “financial advisors” it’s hard to know who are the right ones for you. Check out the guide below for some suggestions and good luck assembling your team of subject matter experts. And don’t forget to reach out to Her Retirement for some guidance/coaching.

Guide to Advisors

Fortune favors the smart, the bold and the prepared.
And no one prepares you better for a better retirement.

Next Steps: Option 1

Know More & Have More with the
Her Retirement Roadmap Masterclass Program

Special Live Student Fee: $297 (value: $3,300)

Eight Educational Class Modules

No where else can you find this breadth & depth of research-backed retirement education. One module is released every week over two months. Includes workbooks, guides, checklists & more.

Value: $2,000

Group Coaching/Q&A Sessions

Group coaching/Q&A sessions will be offered to support each educational module. All sessions will be recorded and offered every two weeks for the two months following the module releases.

Value: $500

G.R.O.W. Diagnostic: Are You Ready?

Every student has access to our G.R.O.W. Diagnostic which helps you determine if you're ready for retirement. A no-brainer way to find out what you need to do to get truly ready.

Value: $500

One Year Access to Retirement Software

Our proprietary retirement readiness software will give you a complete view into your finances and provides personalized, actionable insight into your gaps, risks and opportunities.

Value: $200

The Big Book of Retirement Qs & As & More

Our Big Book of Retirement Qs & As (in PDF format ), reinforces all the concepts taught in the masterclass. A wealth of extremely valuable information, along with other surprise goodies.

Value: $100

Topics Covered in the 8 Modules

1) Financial & Non-Financial Planning & Strategies; 2) Retirement Income Planning; 3) Social Security; 4) Investment Management; 5) Tax Planning;  6) Long Term Care;      7) Healthcare/Medicare; and 8) Estate Planning

P.S. We'll also mail you a special thank you gift for committing to becoming HappiHER, HealthiHER & WealthiHER.

Next Steps: Option 2

Complimentary Am I Ready for Retirement? G.R.O.W. Diagnostic

At any time you can apply for a diagnostic to find out your Gaps, Risks & Opportunities for Wealthbuilding. Just complete below and submit. 

    Next Steps Option 3: Why You Need a Retirement Plan?

    Remember...one of the biggest regrets of many older women is that they didn't get a financial plan. And, those that do have a plan accumulate a 445% bigger nest egg than non-planners. Are you going to be a PlanHER or a ProcrastinatHER?

    If you don't have a written plan for retirement, you can get one now, from a Certified Financial Planner. It's a fee-only plan with no strings attached. No product sales. No pressure. It's simply a financial plan based on your needs and goals. 

    Let's Get HER Done.

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    Not Ready to Invest in the Education Program? 

    Grab My Bonus Bundle. Only $59 ($300 value)

    Benefit #1 My Big Book of Retirement Questions & Answers

    Benefit #2 One year subscription to our Retirement Readiness Software

    Benefit #3 One-on-one 30-minute coaching session with a RetireMentor

    Benefit #4 Our fun tote: I'm Not Going to Be a Bag Lady 🤪


    Feeling a little overwhelmed and not really sure about all this retirement "stuff"?

    It's okay...you're not alone. Let's RetireTogethHER.