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"Personalized" Retirement Planning Book Now Why Buy a Generic Retirement Book, When You Can Buy a Personalized One?

Unlike a generic book on retirement planning that you purchase at Barnes & Noble or from Amazon, the Her Retirement Personalized Retirement Planning Book is custom created by our software, and is personalized to you and your financial situation.

How does it work?

Each book is created within our AI-powered software platform. It’s a simple, yet sophisticated system.

You take the first step by entering a complete financial inventory within the platform. The software then assesses your inventory and produces a 60-page digital (PDF) book.

The book identifies and explains, in lay person’s terms, your financial gaps, risks and opportunities. It also educates you on a myriad of strategies that can be used to fill your gaps, mitigate your risks and take advantage of your opportunities. The assessment and strategies presented are based on research-backed data and best practices in financial and retirement planning.  Your book will also include a one-page financial summary, major retirement milestones, and an overview of the major components of a retirement plan.

The first goal of the Her Retirement book is to help you know more about yourself, your money and your retirement. The second goal is to help you make informed decisions and take action so you can have more (now and in retirement).

No other book or educational resource gives you this kind of “personalized” and objective information, insight and action items to improve your retirement outcome.  Why buy a generic retirement book, when you can get a personalized one?

What is the Cost?

Many generic books on retirement planning range from $20-$30. For just a small amount more, $39, you can get a personalized one.

How to Order?

Simply fill out the form and we’ll be in touch via email with a link to purchase your book and a link to get started having your book created for you.

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Additional Benefit:

Everyone who purchases a book can also purchase access to our Retirement Readiness platform and it’s powerful functionality, and get access to a discounted Retirement Outcome Projection (ROP) by a Certified Financial Planner (CFP). The ROP shows you the outcome of your current retirement plan vs. an optimized plan.

Questions? Reach out to: lynnt@herretirement.com508.798.5115. Let’s Get Her Done.