We’ve created a comprehensive, 130 page fillable and printable PDF to record all your important details. A valuable document for your loved ones to keep calm and carry on in your absence due to an emergency, incapacitation or your passing.

Table of Contents:

Family Info: Household, Personal Docs, Medical Info, Petcare Info

Financial Info: Insurance Info, Financial Info, Investment Info, Rental Prop Info, Housing Info, Vaca Prop Info, Biz Ownership Info, Rewards & Subscriptions

Need to Know Info: Where to find original docs/keys & more, Employer Info, Online Account Info, Burial/Memorial Services Info, Personal Notes & Contact Notes

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A Love Letter to Your Family

Hi there. Lynn Toomey, founder of Her Retirement. I created my planners/emergency binders (aka Love Letters) to help you get organized, write everything down and do some planning so in an emergency, incapacitation or your passing, your family has all the info about you they need.  This will make their task of handling your affairs a little bit less burdensome. 

In addition, my wish is that you leave little pieces of you behind in this planner and memory keeper. It’s these pieces that your loved ones will be able to weave into incredible stories about you. Your legacy will live on and that’s a tremendous love letter and gift that you can leave those you care about.

I was inspired to create these planners after the death of my mom April 1, 2023. She left me a lovely note and a long list of “to-dos” prior to her passing. She also had a file cabinet of documents and lots of memories she wrote down in various places and formats. This all made things easier, but there were missing pieces of her life puzzle that I had to find.  If she had one of my planners, things would have been easier and more organized for me and the rest of our family. She would LOVE that I created these and she would encourage you to leave this gift for your love ones. Thanks for the inspiration mamma.

Here’s to being a PlannHer…for life. Let’s Get Her Done.

Questions or comments? Feel free to email me at: retire@herretirement.com

Questions? Reach out to: lynnt@herretirement.com – 508.798.5115. Let’s Get Her Done.