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For Employers

More than 88 million employees are responsible for managing their own retirement assets. However, it’s estimated that these same employees lose $100 billion every year due to investment mistakes! (1)

Investing right is hard. And it takes time to research, analyze and re-allocate. With so much money at stake (trillions), the demand for help is huge.

Couple this with all the other issues employees need to address for retirement and the need for educational workplace seminars becomes obvious. Employees have a job to do and lives to live…they don’t have a lot of time or interest to figure this stuff out.  Women especially have some unique challenges that employers can help them address through workplace workshops.

Her Retirement is a proven framework for building and implementing a person’s retirement based on our research-backed philosophies and strategies.

Our mission is simple…to empower your female employees (and their spouses/partners and family), and help them prepare for retirement while transitioning into retirement with clarity, confidence and comfort.

Let us take the work and worry off your employee’s plates. Learn more about the Her Retirement offerings below.

“I told my investment advisor I was planning to retire in two years and all he said was, ‘Good.’ 

I attended a Her Retirement workshop at my office, had an assessment of my 401(k) plan and spent another 8 hours with a retirement specialist outlining my entire retirement plan. Now I have the knowledge and confidence to retire in 5 years. This is a heck of a lot better than ‘good’!”  — Nancy

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“Studies have proven that providing quality workplace financial programs improve employees’ personal financial behaviors and increase employer profits. An employer who invests in quality financial educations often sees these, and many more, benefits:

  • Less work-time spent on personal finances
  • Less absenteeism
  • Reduced turnover
  • Improvements in job performance
  • Lower health care costs

EDUCATION...Onsite Lunch-n-Learn Workhops to help your employees know more

In our Her Retirement approach, we’re your employee’s retirement educator first and foremost. We’re on a mission to improve financial and retirement literacy while helping people plan for better retirement outcomes. Education is the foundation of everything we do. We truly believe knowledge is power and knowing more means having more. We offer a large number of complimentary onsite Lunch-n-Learn workshops on a variety of retirement and financial topics. We include a complimentary 1-on-1 assessment with every employee who attends our workshops. We also offer on demand workshops in our Learning Center.

Lunch-n-Learn Workshop Most Popular Topics:

  • Her Retirement
  • Options for a quality retirement
  • Long term care
  • Financial blunders and how to avoid them
  • Fiscally fit

Other topics:

  • Asset Allocation & Modern Portfolio Theory
  • College Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • First time home buyers
  • Getting your financial house in order
  • Social security explained
  • Is a roth IRA right for you
  • ID theft
  • Investing basics for women
  • Investment concerns in a fragile market
  • How to increase your health and wellness
  • Legal lessons for life
  • Maximizing the right mortgage strategies in today’s market
  • Life insurance and you
  • Taking control of your cash – eliminating debt
  • Refinancing your mortgage 101
  • How to buy foreclosures & short sales
  • Strategies for a sustainable income in retirement
  • Stress & your health
  • Real money – real estate
  • Tax planning
  • The US housing cisis
  • Understanding 401k rollovers
  • Understanding critical disability issues
  • Women approaching retirement and beyond
  • You and your credit score
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“Analysis consists of looking at the same thing as everyone else and thinking something different.”

ANALYSIS & ASSESSMENTS...to help your employees get more

Everyone who participates in our on-site or on-demand workshops is offered a complimentary 1-on-1 assessment.

Many employees are really confused when it comes to figuring out “how much” and “how to”. In this 2nd step of our approach, we use data-driven analysis to discover if employees have enough of the “right stuff” in their retirement plan.

IS MY 401(k) OKAY?

The personalized 401(k) assessment provides a comprehensive review and answers the following questions for an employee:

  • Are you putting enough away?
  • Do you have the right investments?
  • Do you have proper allocations?
  • What re-allocations do we recommend?
  • What is the best withdrawal strategy to minimize tax effect?
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“There is no success without action.”

Step 3 - STRATEGY...to help your employees keep more

After the complimentary assessment with a retirement planner in our network, employees can choose to continue the process. Additional analyses (including income/Social Security optimization, portfolio and tax analysis) are completed. Based on this information, your retirement planner will build a customized plan for you. The number one goal of this 3rd step is for employees to learn and understand the strategies for turning their retirement savings into a retirement paycheck.

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“If you know you’re on the right track, if you have this inner knowledge, then nobody can derail your plans.”

GUIDANCE...to help your employees have more

Finally, knowledge, analysis and strategy is turned into action with your retirement planner overseeing implementation and ongoing reviews. For a low monthly fee, the retirement planners in our network can oversee your 401(k) plan: analysis, investment allocation and a bi-annual reviews, as well as the other components of an overall retirement plan.

All of our the retirement planners recommended in our network are carefully vetted. They are considered “hybrid” retirement planners which means they are licensed to implement balanced, objective plans with a proper mix of investments AND insurance solutions. They are committed to putting your employee’s best interests above all else. They are also independent and product agnostic, which means we can offer the best solutions for each person’s goals.

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