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Our Story We're Determined to Make Retirement Better

Our Only Questions Is, Will It Be Yours?

Her Retirement is determined to make retirement better…for women everywhere. We are 100% dedicated to our mission to help one million women know more and have more by 2030. With a focus on financial literacy and financial wellness, we believe women can absolutely have more…however, they define more. 

We’re a breath of fresh air in an industry that’s outdated and out of touch with the unique and specific needs of women approaching retirement. Forget everything you thought about old school financial advice. We’re not that. We’re not financial advisors. We don’t sell investments or insurance. We are a financial wellness company putting the “personal” in personal finance. We are RetireMentor coaches. We are your advocate and your teacher as you journey to and through retirement. 

We’re unconventional, effective and unbiased. We’re tech savvy. We’re compassionate guides. We’re good listeners, motivators, organizers and sherpas. We’re ready to change the way women get information and advice about their finances. We also believe that woman want  more than just money in retirement…they also want to define their purpose, prioritize their vitality, cultivate their connections and choose their contributions.  We help with all of this too. We take the time to have the conversations about your money and your purpose, making sure both are in alignment.

We’ve created this uniquely accessible, affordable and comprehensive retirement readiness platform just for you. It combines the skill and personality of people with the process and power of technology. It combines the reliability of objective (and research backed) content with the caring support of community. Accessible to any woman, anywhere, regardless of her age or asset levels, our platform is affordable and valuable with various services, programs, fee structures and subscription plans.

Our “Know More. Have More process” helps you create and implement a plan for retirement you not only understand, but have 100% confidence in. The 5 steps of the process include: Learn, Envision, Assess, Plan and Implement. As you go through the process, we’ll help you answer your most pressing questions:  When can I retire? How much will I be able to spend in retirement? Will my money last a lifetime and How can I maximize what I have?

Getting your finances right in retirement can be overwhelming, stressful and confusing, but the entire Her Retirement team, with our one-of-kind RetireMentors and network of vetted subject matter experts, aim to change this.

You can go it alone and be strong; or rely on a team and be successful. We hope you choose the team! We’re determined to make retirement better. Our only question is…will it be yours?

Note: In some cases companies do pay us a referral fee if you click on or are approved for a solution provided in our Solutions Center. This compensation does not influence our recommendations or advice. We maintain editorial integrity when evaluating solutions

Her Retirement Headquarters

435 Lancaster St., Suite 3C, Leominster, MA 01453


We offer our education and coaching services to anyone with access to our website. We can connect you with retirement planners and other financial professionals who can offer one-on-one advice to anyone in any location via phone or Zoom. Complete our consultation form to get connected

Through the amazing power of the Internet we are able to make our online resources, mentorship and community available to women (and their spouses/partners) anywhere in the country. If you’re looking for an advisor (retirement, investment, insurance, legal, tax, etc), and are comfortable starting an online relationship (meetings are conducted via the web or over the phone), we can connect you through our solution provider network.

Even if you already have an advisor you’re working with, we invite you to take advantage of website's resources and assessment, which will give you a great 2nd opinion and an opportunity to raise the bar on him or her. We also invite you to take any of our e-classes and interact with all of the valuable content on our website.

When it comes to retirement planning, we believe the most important and best investment you’ll ever make is hiring a retirement specialist and educating yourself on the issues. It’s simply too important and too complex to be left to chance, to previous ways of thinking, or put off to another day. We'll also make sure you stay on track and take all those important action items when you're suppose to (like claiming your Social Security, converting to a Roth, purchasing a Long Term Care policy, etc.). Like everything in life, a goal without a plan is just a wish and by consistently making informed decisions and committing to and implementing a plan, you’re much more likely to succeed.

You’ll have your own RetireMentor (if you want one) to help guide you through our approach and resources and to keep you on track. They can also answer any questions you have. If you choose to get matched with a retirement planner or other financial professional in our network, he/she will offer you balanced and objective investment and insurance solutions in whatever combination makes sense for you. He/she will run simulations and projections to make smart, research-backed and data-driven decisions about how to make your income last a lifetime and to improve your retirement outcome.

When you contact us, we’ll put you in touch with a RetireMentor who will help you get started (and is available to continue to guide you through your retirement planning journey. 

You can use our resources and connect with our community a la carte or you can partake in the full Her Retirement process, led by a RetireMentor. Together, you and your RetireMentor will outline your tasks and he/she will help you stay on track, while making sure you get connected with the right solution providers to create and implement your retirement plan.

We offer a variety of programs and services ( coaching, software and membership program). Our vetted network of outside subject matter experts have individual fees which are 100% transparent and explained to you before you engage with any expert. Note: In some cases, companies do pay us a referral fee if you click on or are approved for a solution mentioned on our website or in our other social media or educational programs. This compensation does not influence our recommendations or advice. We maintain editorial integrity when evaluating solutions.