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Episode 82: The IRMAA Impact, Stop Contributing to a 401(k) & Other Tips from Dan McGrath

I kick off 2023 with my first episode of the year talking with Medicare/IRMAA specialist Dan McGrath.  Dan is the co-founder of IRMAA Certified Planner, a technology and training company focused on helping financial professionals provide better Medicare advice and data to their clients.  In this eye-opening episode, Dan teaches us the basics of IRMAA… The Income-Related Monthly Adjustment Amount (IRMAA) is a surcharge or premium you may pay in addition to your Part B or Part D premium if your income is above a certain level. The Social Security Administration (SSA) sets four income brackets that determine your (or you and your spouse’s) IRMAA. IRMAA costs can surprise many retirees, uninformed of its impact on a retirement budget. And because it’s based on retirement income, tax-deferred income sources can greatly (and unexpectedly) impact a retiree’s budget for healthcare costs.

Dan also shares his insights on why everyone should STOP contributing to tax-deferred accounts such as 401(k)s and opt for tax-free retirement income sources instead.  We talk annuities, life insurance, and reverse mortgage too. A lot of ground in just an hour or so episode. We close the episode with Dan telling us why he believes “the financial services industry hates women.” It’s an interesting case study he uses to illustrate his perspective. Grab a pen and paper, as you’ll want to take notes on this episode, or plan to listen to it multiple times. Controversial topics that definitely get you thinking (outside the box).

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Episode #80: A Chat with Linda Pringle Evans, Host of the Womenomic$ Podcast


In this week’s episode, Lynn shares a recent chat with Linda Pringle Evans, host of the Womenomics podcast and soon-to-be national movement. Lynn and Linda have a great discussion about women, money entrepreneurship, and retirement. Lynn shares her perspectives on women’s challenges, gaps, risks, and opportunities as they prepare to live a happiHER, healthiHER and wealthiHER life and retirement.

The Womenomic$ Show will inspire, motivate and equip more women entrepreneurs to become financially secure. This show is your guide to empowering women’s economic growth and sustainability. Learn what it takes to become unapologetic for building wealth and inter-generational wealth. It’s time for more women to LevelUp and experience financial freedom!

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Episode 79: The Women’s Power Play Book with Carolyn Buck Luce

Carolyn is one of America’s most respected and accomplished voices on women as leaders and their relationship with power. A sought-after speaker, she was appointed by New York City’s former Mayor Bloomberg to his Commission on Women’s Issues, named Woman of the Year for the healthcare industry in 2012, and has co-authored numerous articles in the Harvard Business Review on Women’s Leadership, as well as Diversity and Inclusion.

Across five decades, Carolyn has been a successful diplomat, Wall Street banker, management consultant, healthcare futurist, talent innovator, professor, author, philanthropist, wife, mother, and grandmother. Carolyn’s life journey navigating a man’s world has given her a unique perspective on living an epic life of meaning and purpose, regardless of the obstacles. Today, she uses her proprietary Decade Game to coach courageous women around the globe in business, civic society and philanthropy to step fully into their power at home, at work, and in the world. Carolyn is looking forward to the up-coming publication of her new book, “EPIC!: The Women’s Power Play Book”.}


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Episode 78: The Her Retirement Platform and You

This week Lynn Toomey explains the history of the Her Retirement platform and how the platform can help you live a better, more intentional, and financially secure retirement. She also discusses the concepts of lifespan, healthspan, and wealthspan and why you should keep these concepts in mind as you develop your retirement plan.

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Episode 77: How to Be HealthiHER as We Age with Stevyn Guinnip

A girl name Stevyn is my guest on this week’s podcast and it seemed rather fitting to publish this episode during Thanksgiving week in which we chat about how women can be healthiHER as we age. Stevyn tells us in this chat that wealth is our biggest asset. And according to Annuity.org’s recent study, better health tops the list as something most baby boomers wished they focused on in their younger years. Stevyn gives us lades some great food for thought and ideas for making health and fitness part of our daily routine and giving three important tips to get in better health or to maintain our health as we prepare for, transition into and live in retirement. Take a walk (after your turkey dinner) and listen to these tips (and some tools) along with some other great ways to be “wellthy” now and in retirement.

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Episode 76: 9 Steps to a Rich Life Retirement with Susan Latremoille

In this week’s episode, Lynn hops on a Zoom call with Susan Latremoille to discuss 9 steps to a rich life in retirement.

Susan spent over 35 years as a wealth advisor assisting clients to financially plan for their retirements. She saw a common thread among her clients. Having enough money to retire was only a piece of the retirement puzzle. It was the non-financial side that had the greatest impact on the predictability of a successful retirement. Susan is a Partner in Next Chapter Lifestyle Advisors.

Susan is a Certified SuccessFinder Practitioner. SuccessFinder is a powerful assessment that helps clients be clear about what motivates them and their lifestyle priorities.

Susan is a Family Enterprise Advisor, FEA, (Family Enterprise Exchange), and holds an Executive MBA. Susan is a former board member of Richardson Financial Group and holds her ICD.D designation (Institute of Corporate Directors). Susan is a certified Retirement Coach (CPRC). She is the author of The RichLife – Managing Wealth and PurposeIt’s Not Just about the Money – The Whole Life Approach to Wealth Management, co-author of On the Shoulders of Atlas- a Story about Transitioning a Family Owned Business and co-author – Thriving Throughout Your Retirement Transition.