Your Money & Life Affirmation Cards Are Waiting for You…

If you want more money in your life and business, don’t start with your budget or your paycheck. Begin with your thoughts. Your biggest blocks to financial success are limiting beliefs and patterns. Change the patterns and your finances will follow. These affirmation cards help you free yourself of old patterns and train your mind and energy to attract more money.

You have two options for ordering your set of cards:

  1. A printed, boxed set of 65 cards (plus 5 fill in your own affirmation) for only $21.95, plus $4.00 shipping (US only). Please see the video and ordering info. below.
  2. A PDF e-file of 65 cards (plus 5 fill in your own affirmation) for only $7.99.
Put them where you can see them often—in your wallet, car, or mirror—to support your powerful ability to attract more money into your life. Thank you and enjoy!!!

Reach out to with any questions or issues.

Order Your WealthiHER, HealthiHER, HappiHER Affirmation Cards Here

A great gift for yourself and/or a friend or family member.

Order your set of 65 printed cards for only $21.99 plus $4.00 for shipping here

Order your set of 65 e-cards (PDF) for only $7.99 here

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