Her Retirement


Know more. Get more. Keep more. Have more (however you define more)…now and in retirement.

The Approach

We believe the greatest impact on your retirement readiness happens when you take advantage of our Get Her Done approach. 

The approach combines: expert coaching; powerful software; a proven process; and research-backed, educational content (delivered within our software, podcast/blog, online store and free resource center). It also connects you to CFP-led financial planning; retirement experts; and a private FB community. You’ll also benefit from a membership program with discounted services.

In addition to making our approach accessible to any woman anywhere, regardless of her asset levels, we make it affordable and valuable through flat fees or ongoing subscription plans.  Each plan offers a different combination of benefits and pricing. Should you only want coaching or connection to a licensed subject matter expert, we can help you with this too!


Her Readiness Coach

Dedicated RetireMentor coaches get you organized and focused, asking you the tough questions, helping you find the answers, keeping you on track and making sure you actually create and implement a plan vs. just thinking about it.


Her Readiness Team

Get connected with a vetted team of financial, legal and lifestyle subject matter experts who help you create and implement your plan. We also prepare you to have more informed conversations with your team and to make more informed decisions.


Her Readiness Platform

Patent-pending software identifies and analyzes your financial and lifestyle goals, needs, gaps, risks and opportunities. Track your net worth, cash flow and project your finances in retirement. Access learning, planning, and implementation modules.


Her Readiness Community

Join our community of women who are also on the journey to and through retirement. We share valuable content, inspiring stories, ideas, humor, and encouragement. We connect through our private Facebook group, lives and Zoom chats.

SmartHER. StrongHER. More Secure.

The Process & Platform

Once you decide to commit to our approach, you’ll be taken through a process that is guided by a RetireMentor coach and delivered via our Retirement Solved Personalized Readiness Software Platform. 

The process is part numbers crunching and part soul searching. It takes time, commitment, an open mind, consistent behavior, and just a bit of an investment too. But the return on your investment will be evident from the moment you begin. Check out the 5 steps below and let’s get started.


Find out what you know and don't know about your money and retirement. The process will test your financial and retirement knowledge, filling in the identified gaps with suggested e-classes and content. We believe knowledge is power.


You’ll envision and sort through your lifestyle goals and priorities with eye-opening exercises. Your coach will also check in with you on your purpose, vitality, connections and contributions…all key to living the retirement you’ve imagined.


You’ll identify and enter all of your financial inventory, while the software organizes and presents a summary to you for viewing and keeping up to date...a handy, single pane into everything you have including cash flow, net worth and retirement projections. The software also suggests gaps, risks and opportunities in a summary & guide.


The software and your coach will help you figure out how best to fill any gaps, risks and opportunities by suggesting retirement optimized strategies. You’ll also be able to track your planning tasks and get connected to a CFP for the creation of a comprehensive flat fee-based plan.


Central and critical to this readiness process is making sure you're mentally and financially ready for retirement. And that you actually take action and implement your plan. We’ll connect you to a team of subject matter experts, give you suggestions for how to choose your team and best practices for those team meetings.

It’s important to note, at Her Retirement, WE ARE NOT FINANCIAL ADVISORS. We are your financial advocate, coach and teacher. We do not sell financial advice or products. We can, however, connect you with vetted advisors in a number of different retirement planning areas. The ultimate goal of our approach and process is to make sure you create and implement a plan for retirement you not only understand, but have 100% confidence in.

 Are you ready to try the most reliable, step-by-step, personalized readiness approach on the planet?

(Of course you are, what a silly question.  😍)

“Through this whole approach we really have learned so much and now feel so much better prepared for retirement.”

- Rebecca & Charlie