The Her Retirement Platform and You


So you could probably say I created the platform for me, but I also made it for you. And I refer to her retirement as the first retirement readiness platform. I used to dream or only dream about having a happier, healthier, wealthier life and retirement. And guess what? I worried too. I had the same worries that you used to have. They used to keep me up at night, like running out of money in retirement, being a bag lady, getting sick, being a burden on my family, or a thousand other worries that we carry around and burden ourselves with. Well, guess what? One day I realized a better retirement didn’t have to be a dream, and I didn’t have to worry like a worry war, as my mother used to say. And I didn’t have to keep putting everyone else’s needs before my own, which is something we women do a lot.


I decided that I could be the hero of my own story. Next, I partnered up personally and professionally with a retirement advisor, which was a good move working alongside him. In doing a ton of research, I learned and continue to learn and train on everything I could and can about women and retirement. I’ve learned about the gaps, risks, and opportunities unique to us women and how to address them with prudent strategies and planning. I did all this because I wanted to be my retire mentor, but I wanted to do this so I could become your retirement. I had an aha moment one day when I was digging through all of this research and uncovering all the challenges that we women face, knowing that I wasn’t the only woman with dreams and fears who needed some retirement and financial education and trustworthy guidance, I decided to create the Her Retirement platform, what I call the world’s first online retirement readiness platform.


I offer to retire mentorship for women 50 plus going through significant life transitions. But I say that women of any age can leverage the platform. Also, my platform combines high-tech, proprietary software that I’ve designed with High Touch, which means I have a team of retire mentors who can guide you. Plus, I have a whole bunch of resources to educate, prepare, and guide you on your successful journey. And retirement, as I like to say, it’s all about knowing more and having more. And guess what? We, women, deserve this more than ever. My platform is the first to bring together financial and non-financial retirement planning. Because a good life isn’t just about money, and within my five-tier Good life framework, any woman can connect with her money, her story, and her life regardless of her affluence or stage of life.


This isn’t just financial planning, ladies; this is life planning. And my platform also features my retirement readiness roadmap that lays out each step of your retirement journey. You’ll learn, envision, assess, plan, and implement with 100% confidence: no doubts, no fear, no excuses, no stress, and no bs. Thank goodness we women are not afraid to ask for directions. So that’s my story. The rest, they say, is her story. I’d love to help you write or rewrite yours. If you’re ready, let’s get her done. So that’s just a quick snapshot of the story behind her retirement and an overview of the platform. Of course, you can go to the website and get much more detail. I have three ways a woman can invest in herself and a better retirement. One is my masterclass, which is like eight hours of education. It is a fee-based class.


I have many other educational resources on my social media channels, including this podcast. And I have a whole library on the website of free resources, videos, white papers, you name it, all kinds of free resources. But my no more have more masterclass is fee-based because it has hours and hours of educational content and workbooks and guides and tools and resources access to my software. So many things come within that masterclass offering. So that’s number one. Number two is I have a no more have more club. And while the masterclass starts you on your journey to knowing more and having more, the club helps you take action and stay the course through retirement support and group coaching. You’ll take tiny steps and make incremental commitments to your retirement readiness. The goal is to help you make informed decisions and have more conversations about your money and retirement.


And you don’t have to do this whole retirement thing alone when you are part of the club. Number three is what I call the no more have more plan. This is a three-month journey to a better retirement. That starts with that five-step retirement readiness roadmap that I talked about earlier. It’s guided by our retirementors, empowered by our software, in which we’ll identify your financial and lifestyle gaps, risks, and opportunities. You’ll learn, envision a SaaS plan, and implement a retirement plan you understand and have 100% confidence in. And we’ve been known to help women live a better, more intentional, and financially secure retirement with this planning framework. So if you are interested in investing in yourself and a better retirement, those are three ways you can do it. Also, I offer a lot of different à la cart services so that if you don’t want one of those programs, you can chat with me or a retirementor, you can get a subscription to my software, my retirement readiness software.


You can just, you know, look at some of the educational resources. You can join my free community, which is Her Retirement Facebook community. So there are some à la cart things that you can get as a benefit from her retirement. So, I hope that explains a little bit more about the Her retirement platform and how it may help you in 2023. I know it’s getting to be that time of year when we all make New Year’s resolutions. And so if you are resolving to focus on your retirement planning, regardless of age, keep her retirement platform of resources in mind for whatever journey you’re on and whatever starting point you have. Because we are here to help women live a happier and wealthier life and retirement. We’re here to help women get her done. So now I want to transition and share three concepts with you today that have to do with aging and retirement.


And I think this is kind of a good framework for thinking about aging and retirement and helping you prioritize these three things. They are lifespan, health span, and wealth span. Basically, lifespan is all about longevity. Over the past 30 years, women have been living longer. In fact, in 1984, a women’s life expectancy was 78. Today, women live to 81, which is just average. And that number continues to rise. However, the life expectancy of women still ranks far below Asian and European women, whose life expectancies range from 87 to 90. And you know, that’s a whole other topic of a podcast for why that is, but it’s probably a lot of it’s related to the second topic that I’m going to bring up is health span. But I guess the point with lifespan is you need to look at the longevity of your family history and figure out, you know, make the best guess at your own longevity.


We obviously cannot guess how long we’re going to live, but a lot of experts recommend that your projections for how much you’re going to need in retirement should be based on a pretty long lifespan, maybe up to a hundred years old, maybe even longer. So very important to make sure you understand the concept of lifespan and longevity. The next one is healthspan. So according to recent research published and male clinic proceedings, less than 3%, yes, 3% of American adults achieve four of the most essential healthy living characteristics. One, is a healthy diet. Two, moderate exercise. Three, not smoking. Four, low body fat. These measures, along with stress levels, sleep habits, social engagement, and mental health play a significant role in life and longevity. So, you know, having a long healthy life is kind of a double-edged sword, right? One is that it’s great to have longevity; it’s obviously even greater to be super healthy, but living longer means you need more money to support that longer lifespan.


But I would choose to have health over a lifespan. So you really need to focus on that health span. And in addition, healthcare costs are huge in life and retirement. And one way to reduce your healthcare costs is to protect your health, to be healthier, and to pay attention to those four essential healthy living characteristics. So focus on your diet, exercise, not smoking, and your body fat. Commit to it and live a healthier life and retirement. And finally, wealth span. According to a recent study, Americans now think they need at least 1.25 million for retirement. This is a 20% increase from just a year ago. And this was a survey by Northwestern Mutual, but the average amount in an American savings account is just $87,000. That is a huge gap between 1.25 and 87,000. It’s going to take some exceptional thinking and strategies to fill a gap that big, especially given the performance of the stock market this year.


About half of Americans think they may have to work until they die due to a lack of retirement savings. According to AARP, another study by AARP, 80% of women working today could face poverty in retirement. They do not make the proper commitment to their money. So you know, these statistics tend to alarm me not only from a personal perspective, but you know the fear, right? We already have a great fear factor. It’s one of the obstacles women face in focusing on their life and their money, and their retirement is the fear factor. Of course, another obstacle is the trust factor. But so many people in the industry and financial services focus on fear factors to get people motivated to take action. But I think, you know, while these statistics can scare you, you should focus on allowing them to motivate you and have you pay attention to the things you need to do in terms of your financial wealth span.


You really need that focus and commitment to getting educated and making sure you put a plan in place to protect your wealth span. So my question is, are you willing in the new year, since we’re here at the end of the year, to recommit and focus and plan around your lifespan, health, and wealth span? I know it can be overwhelming, but you can take baby steps. You don’t have to take on everything. You can do small things in each area to impact your outcome. That’s what it’s all about. It’s all about knowing more, having more, whether it’s more health, wealth, or happiness, and getting her done. And if you’d like some help, many of us feel overwhelmed by tackling all this. It’s completely natural to want help. And we can help you. We can give you some resources and connect you to those resources, whether those are people, resources, content, resources, or whatever you need. Her retirement is here to help women live a happier, healthier, and wealthier life in retirement. Please reach out to me. I’m always available at Thanks for listening to this episode of the Her Retirement Podcast. Have a great week.


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