Episode 50

Episode 50: The Surprising Benefits of Planning Future You

This week’s Her Retirement podcast was inspired by an article Lynn Toomey read recently on the BBC website entitled, “How Thinking About ‘future you’ can build a happier life.” She was also spurred on by a visit with her mom to a local senior center to get some advice on Medicare, elder care planning and the like. “Helping my 86-year-old mom put a plan in place for her future, definitely spurred me on to come home and do some visualizing, planning and recording this episode.”

Mr. Robson’s article encourages people to imagine and nurture their future self, including their health, wealth and happiness. Lynn loves the concept because health, wealth, and happiness is the focus not only of her podcast, but also the Her Retirement Platform. The author asks readers to think ahead to 10 years from now and consider if you’ll still fundamentally be the same person you are today, or will you hardly recognize yourself? Many researchers and psychological studies show that people’s responses to this question varies quite a bit. But their answer does point to some surprising behavioral tendencies. Put some headphones on and go for walk or listen while cooking dinner and find out the benefits of planning future you.

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