Episode 37

Episode 37: Happy Life. Happy Retirement.

In this episode, Lynn discusses how much of your happiness is under your control. What does it mean to be happy now and in retirement? What is the relationship between money and happiness? Does more money mean more happiness? It’s easy to want more when you think of being happier and living better. And there’s little doubt that money can buy some (more) happiness. But the happiness we get from money is fundamentally limited. It leaves us wanting more, and it’s not enough on its own to enjoy a truly satisfying life. The reality is a lot of the things that can make us happy and enrich our lives have nothing to do with money. And some of the things that may bring us the most joy could already be within our reach.

Take a half hour out of your day and join Lynn as she shares some research on this very important topic. She’ll share several things you can do to improve your level of happiness in life and in retirement (and most of them don’t have anything to do with money).


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